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PICs of my latest addition to my collection and by Hollis Cornell #50999
Neo Caddy by Phil Realmuto #50998
I use that method as well for the models I am less interested in. by John Merritt #50998.1
PICS - Let's go to the beach!!! by Larry Hooper #50997
Larry I knew sight unseen this would be the featured model. It just screams..... by Phil Realmuto #50997.1
Love the pics, but don't have it. It was the toys that came with it that stopped me from buying it. by George Schire #50997.2
Great looking woody. (EOM) by Billy Collins #50997.3
A stunning model. A favorite in my collection. So much character and charm. (EOM) by John Merritt #50997.4
Pics - 1/24 - '40 Ford Custom Pickup by Ryan Hurley #50996
Beautiful paint job. Very nice work, Ryan. (EOM) by Mark Sweeney #50996.1
Ryan .. That looks really nice - You do good work (EOM) by Dennis Mong #50996.2
Hello Ryan. You've still got 'the knack'! ...'nuf said! LOL!! (EOM) by Billy Collins #50996.3
WOW! Very nice, a fantastic job and a great color. Looks sweet! (EOM) by John Merritt #50996.4
Awesome job Ryan, thanks goodness the spare tire is gone! by Chav Popov #50996.5
THAT IS a beauty. Well done! (EOM) by Jerry Gorsuch #50996.6
Peterbilt 379 Wrecker by Bob Werner #50995
It's always amazing what we find in our private die cast room (EOM) by Dennis Mong #50995.1
I see these almost every day on the freeways of SoCal. They're huge!!! (EOM) by Steve Jacobs #50995.1.1
Samson by Bob Werner #50994
PICs - Daily Dose of Diecast...Sunday by John Merritt #50993
Nice pair of GTOs / great pics. (EOM) by Billy Collins #50993.1
+ 1 (EOM) by Dennis Mong #50993.1.1
I have both and now a great picture thanks John (EOM) by John Munro #50993.2
The "OTHER" website has one listed for $ 999.00 .... Holy *&^% (EOM) by Dennis Mong #50993.3
Neo Cadillac by Thomas Altmann #50992
All things considered, I think you will really like it. Congrats! (EOM) by John Merritt #50992.1
A great example of a beautiful late '40s image and it's priced right for a static resin car........ by John Bono #50992.2
It's refreshing to see so many happy faces about a new released 1/24 car ... Smiling (EOM) by Dennis Mong #50992.3
VERY happy w/my 1:24. I also got the 1:18 version, reduced to $149 from $211 at American Excellence. by Al Dorado #50992.4
Wish I had room for the 1/18. But, Im more than happy with the 1/24. (EOM) by Mark Sweeney #50992.4.1
I love my 1:18 as well. That is a good price, I paid much more in 2014. by John Merritt #50992.4.2
PICs - Daily Dose of Diecast...Saturday by John Merritt #50991
Great pics as always, but wouldn't the wheels be painted yellow on the 1:1? (EOM) by Barry Levittan #50991.1
I think you're probably right.l, but it still looks ok with the black. (EOM) by John Merritt #50991.1.1
Are these 1:24 scale? (EOM) by George Schire #50991.2
Yes they are. The two '57's are from M2 Machines, and measure up nicely to DM/FM models. by John Merritt #50991.2.1
Four cool ones- "saved" by Bob Werner #50990
You done good BOB ... That Porsche is sweet (EOM) by Dennis Mong #50990.1
PICs - Daily Dose of Diecast...Friday by John Merritt #50989
Looks like the Mafia is in town. Great pics, John. What an evolution. (EOM) by Mark Sweeney #50989.1
+ 1 ... I so Agree - Together as a family photo op ... They all look GR8T Together (EOM) by Dennis Mong #50989.1.1
I agree, what an evolution. Great photos! I'm glad I got the NEO Caddy. (EOM) by George Schire #50989.2
The headlights on that NEO ARE huge. (EOM) by Joe Libricz #50989.3
Yes, they are a bit out of scale but I can live w/it. They are the same way on the 1:18. (EOM) by Al Dorado #50989.3.1
Yea that's been discussed already . Kinda ridiculous (EOM) by Phil Realmuto #50989.3.2
Yeah but not an issue for me. Didn't notice it until it was discussed. (EOM) by John Bono #50989.3.3
Luv these pics, John! My 1:24 Club Coupe just arrived. It's beautiful! (EOM) by Al Dorado #50989.4
Yes, those headlights are rather large. I didn't really notice either until I compared... by John Merritt #50989.5
I agree that they messed up on the headlights. BUT, by Mark Sweeney #50989.6
It's all just critique !!!! I think even if one bought a $100000 Benz or by Phil Realmuto #50989.6.1
Received the NEO 49' Cadillac today by Bob Lasagna #50988
I would have to agree, Bob. This price point is much more rational, to me. (EOM) by Mark Sweeney #50988.1
I'm on board with everything you say. Come on NEO, we want more at this price. (EOM) by George Schire #50988.2
No question about it. (EOM) by John Bono #50988.3
Mine just now arrived. It's even nicer than I was expecting. (EOM) by Al Dorado #50988.4
Saved 1953 Chevy tow truck by Bob Werner #50987
Great job on this Chevy truck, Bob ! This one displays really well. (EOM) by Mike DeTorrice #50987.1
That would sit well on any die cast shelf ... Restoration is Well Done - XCLNT !!! (EOM) by Dennis Mong #50987.2
What a Job by David Trask #50987.3
wow! (EOM) by Geoff Jowett #50987.4
Wow, nice restoration job. (EOM) by Al Dorado #50987.5
PICs - Daily Dose of Diecast...Thursday by John Merritt #50986
Like both, have both. Great photos! (EOM) by George Schire #50986.1
Like both, but have neither! These came sbout at a time when DM was full throttle! by Phil Realmuto #50986.2
Two great examples. If I recall some of the HTs were "bent" in the middle. (EOM) by John Bono #50986.3
NEO 1:24th NOT surprised by the positive responses here! by Phil Realmuto #50985
What are you waiting for Phil? Order it. It's a must have 1:24 scale. You won't be sorry. (EOM) by George Schire #50985.1
I agree! Just do it! :) (EOM) by Mark Sweeney #50985.1.1
My 1:24 arrives Friday. I got my 1:18 the other day. It's gorgeous. (EOM) by Al Dorado #50985.2
I agree! I love my 1:43 NEOs! (EOM) by Randy Portwood #50985.3
Phil, I can honestly say that the quality of the Caddy is by Bob Jackman #50985.4
Bob, I totally agree with you. (EOM) by Mark Sweeney #50985.4.1
At one third the cost...which proves it can be done. Hope Automodello reads this. (EOM) by George Schire #50985.4.2
1/3 plus.....some of the colors were selling for upwards of $500. (EOM) by John Bono #50985.4.2.1
Has anyone heard from Dan Vincent? I can't recall seeing him post in a long time. (EOM) by John Bono #50984
Funny you should mention him, John. I've been thinking about him as well. We are both old Olds guys (EOM) by Andy Sixsmith #50984.1
His last post was Sept. of last year. (EOM) by Jerry Gorsuch #50984.2
PICs - Daily Dose of Diecast...Wednesday by John Merritt #50983
WOW! Two favorites on my shelf. Your setting and photos really highlight their beauty. (EOM) by George Schire #50983.1
HEY! Two nice Ferds..... LOL (EOM) by Jerry Gorsuch #50983.2

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