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Diecast Forums - Forum 24 – Diecast Zone


Some listings don't have the shipping costs in the USA, which are helpful. Even projections. (EOM) by Alan Frank #48274
I agree, Alan. (EOM) by Andy Sixsmith #48274.1
But now they have the sellers email, so you can ask before you bid (EOM) by Ryan Hurley #48274.2
Quickie modification to an FM '39 Ford roadster by Clifford Read #48272
Great job. It makes the model look totally different. (EOM) by John Merritt #48272.1
Impressive, well done '39 mods / nice pics. (EOM) by Billy Collins #48272.2
I agree with you. I dont like side skirts on cars either :-) by Eloy Martinez #48272.3
The changes look good. I still prefer it with the skirts but I like this too. (EOM) by Marlowe Johnson #48272.4
Beautiful work. I prefer your version. Very nice. (EOM) by Sal Lomma #48272.5
Nice job! I prefer the ’39 with the skirts but I do appreciate all your effort. (EOM) by John Bono #48272.6
I think it looks better too - and I've had varying degrees of success by Ron Dietrich #48272.7
PICs - From My Collection: '57 Mercury by John Merritt #48271
Brochures available. I have two boxes of brochures for diecast from a member here. Most are DM but by Mark Sweeney #48270
Brochures available. Thanks Mark. If you have the by Allan Ording #48270.1
Sent you an e-mail. (EOM) by Mark Sweeney #48270.1.1
Brochures by Carl Phair #48270.2
OK. I will see what I have and will let you know (EOM) by Mark Sweeney #48270.2.1
ID sought ..................... by Chris Sweetman #48269
Take a look at the '1950 International pickup'. That's what it looks like to me. (EOM) by Billy Collins #48269.1
'50 Internationl Harvester I-110 Pic... by Ed Stutz #48269.1.1
(Pic)looks a lot more like the 1950 Ford cabover truck... by Bill McElfresh #48269.2
Agree..... (EOM) by Jerry Gorsuch #48269.2.1
(PIc) Chris, here's a group showing the by Mike DeTorrice #48269.3
PIC: Thanks Mike, your images seems to indicate that Structo .... by Chris Sweetman #48269.3.1
Many thanks Billy, Ed and Bill for your contributions. (EOM) by Chris Sweetman #48269.4
1950 Ford Cabover looks just like it!! by Bill McElfresh #48269.5
Thanks for the pic Bill - I can certainly see elements from this Ford in the Structo toy. (EOM) by Chris Sweetman #48269.5.1
I think it's a 1951 Generico. ;) (EOM) by Gene Herman #48269.6
A few collection pics by Mike Mikicic #48268
Another great collection. Lots of 1:24 eye candy. (EOM) by Billy Collins #48268.1
Very nice collection Mike, and nicely displayed. Thanks for sharing! (EOM) by George Schire #48268.2
Nice collection. Love the display case with the Bel Airs & Impalas (EOM) by John Merritt #48268.3
Gorgeous pics of a fine collection. Would kill for the Caddy collection. (EOM) by Sal Lomma #48268.4
Great collection Mike. Thanks for sharing. (EOM) by John Bono #48268.5
My Pontiac Dealership Photos by Mike Mikicic #48267
Very Nice! (EOM) by Ed Stutz #48267.1
Great Pontiac collection. (EOM) by Billy Collins #48267.2
WOW! Very impressive! (EOM) by George Schire #48267.3
they look great! (EOM) by Geoff Jowett #48267.4
Nice work Mike. All that’s missing is the sleazy salesman. (EOM) by John Bono #48267.5
Outstanding! Beautiful display. Who built it? (EOM) by Sal Lomma #48267.6
Can't remember who built it. Sorry. Had it built several years ago. (EOM) by Mike Mikicic #48267.6.1
Happy Easter to everyone! (EOM) by Phil Realmuto #48266
You too Phil. Hope you had a nice one. I was / am so sick. by Douglas Ford #48266.1
Danbury Returns by Charlie Berry #48265
I received one as well. First look is perfect. I haven't seen anything wrong. (EOM) by John Merritt #48265.1
Also got a reject, Charlie - Mine had the rear........ by David Harvey #48265.2
Does it have thin or wide whitewalls??????????????? by Richard Dube #48265.2.1
It has the wide whites and would be a beautiful....... by David Harvey #48265.2.1.1
Well, you already have one........... by Richard Dube #48265.
DM is so easy on returns...its worth the gamble... by Michael K. Welborn, Jr. #48265.
Regarding the ones with narrow white walls. Do these have by Greg Johnston #48265.2.1.2
CHarlie how do you know the glue residue is from a previous repair??? by Phil Realmuto #48265.3
Phil, I'm not Charlie, but I can tell you that my....... by David Harvey #48265.3.1
Just a guess from the haphazard appearance by Charlie Berry #48265.3.2
I received one the other day... by Jay Engel #48265.3.2.1
Mine had little blue dots on both the outside box .... by David Harvey #48265.
It seams to me by Jim Dugan #48265.
Well, Jim, it seems to me that a reputable............... by David Harvey #48265.
I stand by my post! (EOM) by Jim Dugan #48265.
I also stand by my post that it is wrong to sell......... by David Harvey #48265.
Mine arrived on Sat. April 19th and it's beyond perfect. (EOM) by Bill Juffernbruch #48265.4
Glad to hear that Bill. I'm going to get started on your paperwork soon... :-)) ... (EOM) by Jerry Gorsuch #48265.4.1
Mine arrived today... by Michael K. Welborn, Jr. #48265.5
Mine arrived today and was packed perfectly. The problem is it is missing the passenger side mirror by Sal Lomma #48265.5.1
Get in touch with David Harvey before he returns his. See post #48265.2 above. (EOM) by Allan Ording #48265.5.1.1
Happy Easter ......... by Chris Sweetman #48264
Great shot! HAPPY EASTER to you and all! (EOM) by Tony F Perrone #48264.1ModeratorZone Diplomat
Thanks Tony. (EOM) by Chris Sweetman #48264.1.1
PICs - From My Collection: More form the Car Show by John Merritt #48263
Nice Vette / pics. (EOM) by Billy Collins #48263.1
+ 1 ... I Totally Agree (EOM) by Dennis Mong #48263.1.1

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