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Posted By: Larry Hall
Posted On: Thursday December 31, 2009 at 1:25 PM
1970 Olds Cutlass Rallye 350 Coupe Specs
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Message thread:

George, and all OLDS fans; hold on to your New Year's tooters... by Tony F Perrone #28999
Man. This might take some time to get used to. by Randy May #28999.1
1970 Olds Cutlass Rallye 350 Coupe Specs by Larry Hall #28999.2
Yes see how pale yellow it usually looks? Hm. Thx. Larry. (EOM) by Randy May #28999.2.1
It's got a rocket 350? I like it!!!! Thanks Tony.. (EOM) by Benjamin Lampson #28999.3
More Rallye Specs by Larry Hall #28999.4
Wow front end is very wrong and trunk looks like it has too much droop color way too bright :( by Walter kramer #28999.5
I totally agree. From the rear roof line to the taillights this one has some problems. Just wrong! (EOM) by Bob Davis #28999.5.1
Its fugly. Someone give me a firecracker. I'll blow it up. (EOM) by Chris Kuyava #28999.6
Much as I love Olds muscle, this mold is fatally flawed.. by Bob Calhoun #28999.7
Maybe FM by Sean McCarty #28999.7.1
Tony, this is a tough crowd and the drinking has yet to begin. (EOM) by John Bono #28999.8
Remember George has not weighted in yet either, Look out DM the officianado is yet to come! (EOM) by David Hosea #28999.8.1
Thanks Tony...To bad it has to be a repaint with some minor adjustments of by George Schire #28999.9
Thanks for the pics, but DM's Cutlass and Chevelle renditions have real issues (EOM) by John Wilkins #28999.10
i agree pass (EOM) by Phil Realmuto #28999.11
What a SAD disappointment. I expected DM to fix the issues. They didn't. I'm canceling my order. (EOM) by Bob Arthur #28999.12
Wow, I'm dissapointed. by Thomas Mires #28999.13

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