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Posted By: Mike Will
Posted On: Saturday January 30, 2010 at 4:44 PM
Selling diecast car collection.
I was recently diagnosed with a disease of the bone marrow which will require a bone marrow transplant with an extended period of time off work. Because of the high medical exspenses (even with insurance) and loss of wages, I am selling my entire collection of diecast cars, mostly FM with a few DM. I am willing to sell the entire collection together or break it up if necessary. If anyone is interested my email is mcwill@nktelco.net. Cell phone 419-778-9196. I will send you a complete list. A proper donation will be made to the website. Thanks!!

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Message thread:

Selling diecast car collection. by Mike Will #29386
Mike...I am so sorry to hear of your situation. I send my by George Schire #29386.1
Thanks George, I really appreciate it. (EOM) by Mike Will #29386.1.1
Sorry to hear about your health.... by Bob Calhoun #29386.2
Thanks Bob. (EOM) by Mike Will #29386.2.1
Mike, sorry to hear about your medical issue. I wish you the best of luck, and may God be with you. by Steve Kiraly #29386.3
Maybe you are right about that Steve by Mike Will #29386.3.1
My prayers go out to you Mike. Good Luck and God Speed (EOM) by Tom Ciryak #29386.3.2
I'm so sorry, Mike, I wish you the best of luck by John Ste #29386.4
God bless Mike. Prayers for you that the treatments by Douglas Ford #29386.5
Mike - So sorry to hear about your situation - Our Prayers are with you. (EOM) by Ronald Prospeck #29386.6
Mike, you’re in my thoughts and prayers…..hope everything works out well for you. (EOM) by John Bono #29386.7
Mike - these guys are great! Their prayers and wishes... by Paul Clow #29386.8
Mike, Sorry to hear of your Medical Problems, I know God will be with you at this time, as will our by David Hosea #29386.9
I'm praying for you Mike. Wish you didn't have to sell your collection but hope you get top dollar. (EOM) by Bob Arthur #29386.10
your health by Alan Dinsmore #29386.11
I hope you can return to the hobby, but your health comes first. I wish you a full recovery sir. (EOM) by John Richards #29386.12
Mike we have a very large prayer chain here and we will be praying for your health and recovery. (EOM) by Paul Theriot #29386.13Moderator
My prayers are with you, Mike. I had to sell my meager little 1/24 collection over health problems.. by Patty Henderson #29386.14
Mike may God give you a speedy recovery to health.In the '70s I was diagnosed with cancer.I was told by Hollis Cornell #29386.15
Mike by Larry Scheid Sr #29386.16

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