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Posted By: Gene Herman
Posted On: Saturday March 3, 2012 at 3:36 PM
Kids that have been raised on the color and constant action of video games often don't know.........
what to make of a four wheeled lump of Zamac that just sits there. It's unfortunate but true.

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Message thread:

...A little story: A month or so ago, my neighbor and her nine year old grandson came over to visit by Ken Allen #20470
Ken..when I was about 10 / 11 my Grandpa and Grandma took me over by Steve Jacobs #20470.1
All Hobbys will die in the future by Glenn Swanson #20470.2
I guess that's why I enjoy car shows so much. Not to only look, but to talk to the owners by Steve Jacobs #20470.2.1
Glenn, it's funny you mentioned. My step daughter and her husband are in their late forties and are by Ken Allen #20470.2.2
Kids that have been raised on the color and constant action of video games often don't know......... by Gene Herman #20470.3
It's sad, but too many kids today don't have imagination. They have to be "entertained" with . . . by Jim Schultz #20470.4
I will pile on too. Last Thanksgiving, I and my wife by Robert Lawhn #20470.5
I don't have an iPhone and never will. by Jack Wells #20470.5.1
Yeah, all this dab nabbed modern technology really sux! I mean why do I need an iPhone? by Marlowe Johnson #20470.6
Off subject..kinda..anybody ever have the Mattel Vacuform?? by Steve Jacobs #20470.6.1
PICS - Steve, I have two AMT Turnpikes and I also have the Kenner Girder and Bridge set. by Marlowe Johnson #20470.6.1.1
A tip 'a my hat to you for still having them! I LOVED those 'toys'! (EOM) by Steve Jacobs #20470.
Hehe! You're giving me too much credit! I bought all of 'em through eBay! by Marlowe Johnson #20470.
Ingenius..I never thought of trying to turn my love of toys into a way by Steve Jacobs #20470.
Steve, there's an AMT Turnpike on eBay for sale right now. It is probably the best I've ever seen. by Marlowe Johnson #20470.
Holy turnpikes Batman..where does he get those wonderful toys...Wow, by Steve Jacobs #20470.
I never had the AMT Turnpike when I was a kid (not that I didn't WANT one in the worst way)......... by Gene Herman #20470.
Sorry to hear that Gene. You must have been strong arming those girders! by Steve Jacobs #20470.
I had a Mattel Vac-U-Form. It was a lot of fun. I remember how the plastic sheet fit into place by Lawrence Kalfayan #20470.6.1.2
Your use of modern electronic techology is distinguished from the stories posted immediately above by Lawrence Kalfayan #20470.6.2
Lol..Ken..look what you started now..?? (EOM) by Steve Jacobs #20470.7

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