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Posted By: Marlowe Johnson
Posted On: Saturday March 3, 2012 at 7:55 PM
Yeah, all this dab nabbed modern technology really sux! I mean why do I need an iPhone?
All it does is connect me to the library of the world aka the Internet! Heck, there is virtually no subject in the world that I cannot read about... INSTANTLY! What good is that?

For example, when I was out with my wife the other day and we wanted to eat at that restaurant that neither of us could remember the location. I found the restaurant name and address by doing a Google search on the Internet using my iPhone. See how useless it is?

Once, we were in San Francisco, had to park many blocks away from another restaurant in Chinatown. We needed walking directions on how to get there so we used the GPS on the iPhone. It took us directly to the restaurant and back to our car again after we finished eating. Useless!

I use the camera and the video camera often to present photos of the "On the Road Again" cars I see on the street to my D4C buddies. Worthless!

I was in my optometrist office and he offered a retinal examination that would provide me info on other ailments I might have. I looked it up on the Internet using my iPhone to see if it was worth the extra bucks. While I'm waiting in his office, I might as well check on the D4C and see what the latest is. After that, I can play a quick game of chess! Damn, I gotta remember to scale back the difficulty of the iPhone computer chess game because it's way too hard for me! Total junk!

Hey, I see you're tying to see if the picture you just hung is straight. You don't have a level? No problem, I have a level application on my cell phone. It will confirm that it is straight. I should just throw this thing away.

A business associate just sent me an important email I've been waiting for. No need to look for his number. The phone will automatically dial the phone number for me that is already in his email. I just hate this thing!

My client wants to know what is his RMD after he turns 70 1/2. No problem, I already have the RMD schedule of all ages right here! While we're at it, I see the DJIA closed at 13,000 today! Useless!

Gosh, this restaurant is so dark, my wife cannot read the menu. "Here Honey, use the flashlight feature on my iPhone!"

I really need to see a file in my home computer! I guess I'll just have to log into my home computer from my iPhone to look for the file so I can review it. Then, I can attach it to an email and send it to where ever it needs to go. Just worthless!

These are just a few examples! The stories and uses are virtually endless! No, I don't need any of this new fangled modern technology. I can't imagine why everywhere I go I see people buried into their iPhone accessing and using its unlimited features! This iPhone can't be just a ton of fun! I've been existing for purtin' near 61 years wit out it and I've been doin' just fine!

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