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Posted By: Animesh Shrivastava
Posted On: Tuesday January 28, 2014 at 7:07 PM
HONGQI CA770 – A Chinese Official Limousine. Chrysler's Chinese Version. Model by Anonymous

In 1956 the communist party of China held its central political bureau meeting. Chairman Mao expressed his wish to be driven in a homemade car to the meetings.

FAW (First Auto Works) looked at United States and obtained the rights in the late 1950 to make Chrysler Imperial in China. After getting an old Chrysler sedan, the Hongqi engineers replicated this US car without producing an exact copy. The factory disassembled the sample car and exhibited the parts one by one in the display window for various workshops to study. The chinese engineers produced a Limousine based on Chrysler's 1950 CROWN IMPERIAL, C-50 and 1955 CROWN IMPERIAL, C-70. The first model CA72 came out within 6 weeks.

From June 1958, the first red flag limousine CA 72 started the trial run, which finished next month in July 1958, which officially introduced on 1st August 1958. The fleet of 10 CA72’s made their debut during National Day celebrations on October 1, 1959. It was purely made by hands. Dozens of panel beaters, who had only ever worked on house-hold utensils, build the body of Hongqi.

CA770 – HONGQI means Red Flag, in chinese.

It was manufactured from 1966 to 1981. only 847 have ever been produced.
It is China’s most famous, admired and iconic car. This handmade limo is almost 6 meters long and 1.80 meter wide. It had additional 2 retractable chairs for personnel for translation and protection.

This giant CA770 is quite heavy, the Curb weight is 2730kg, dimensions are 5980x1990x1620mm, wheelbase is 3720mm. About 500kg chrome is used in the car. Its top speed was claimed 160kmph.

This 2kg (1kg 800gms)approx weight model is being built by anonymous manufacturer. Neither the box nor the model has written any name. Well this rare state of the art model has very high build quality and given minutiae details of the original CA770. Tyre details are mentioned inside and outside walls. Radio antenna retracts and back windshield has fitted with black net. This precised model is for those who wants to collect rare models.

The Chrysler's 5.6ltr V8 engine produces 215hp and 161kw torque. top speed 160kmph, fuel consumption – 16ltrs per 100 kms.

The history of other variants:
All cars were sold to the communist party and the government. It was never sold to any private person so far.
Some malfunctions did appear with this grand limousine. When foreign minister Chen Yi first rode in a Hongqi car he found that he could not open the car door to come out. Finally an undignified way he opted to come out by removing the windshield.

Also, when Romanian delegation was on visit to China in 1971, their public security minister Nicolae Ceausescu was sitting in the red car. Suddenly Hongqi’s brakes failed, the experienced driver, somehow managed to stop the car by crashing into a roadside mound of lime and then hitting the tree. Later the car solved a variety of problems and matured up.

CA770 –
Today the price of CA770 is $100,000 for a restored condition car.
It can be seen at
•Beijing classic car museum in Huairou district
•SANHE classic car museum at Chengdu, China
•Cite de l'Automobile in Mulhouse of France, one of the largest car museum in the world.

CA773 –
Can be seen in Beijing car museum & Sanhe Classic car museum
It was basically a short wheelbase version of the Hongqi CA770. Wheelbase shrunk with 40cms to 3420. Not much shorter. Length is 5500mm, weight – 2360kgs.
Since it was shorter it was cheaper too, therefore was sold in the private market also

CA 772T-
This is known as the world’s highest car insurance factor.
Chairman Mao himself ordered the bulletproof limousine in 1966. After Mao’s request, the “Politburo Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China” Officially the highest power in China, asked the CGB (Central Guard Bureau) (assigned to protect the leaders of the communist party), to lead the actual development of the new bulletproof car at FAW.
It was extra wide, more than 4 tons of weight. The main body was protected by 8mm thick bullet proof armor plate, 65mm thick laminated glass bulletproof, 4930kgs weight. Since the car was completely closed therefore high powered air conditioned was installed. Special bullet proof radial tubeless tyres were fitted which were changed to every 100 km ride. Due to the weight the engine capacity was increased to 300hp. Chrysler engine was tuned up to this amazing hp delivering 130km/h top speed. Finally on 10th April 1969 the first CA772T bulletproof was sent to Beijing and immediately delivered & used by Premier Lin Biao.

Later Chairman Mao, Deng Xiaoping and Zhou Enlai all received their CA772T soon, as the Cultural Revolution came in full swing, so the leaders were in need of some extra protection.

It is classified as “State Secret” and it until today. None has made available to a public museum, only one in FAW museum (which is not for general public)

CA770G –
Extremely rare CA770G came with Ford 5.7 ltr V8, producing 154kw/382nm torque engine, G came with Power Windows. It can be recognized by rectangular mirrors and rectangular fog lights. Which were round in CA770. It was with new rectangular dashboard made out of plastic not by wood and new steering wheel. It is not cost more than $60000 today in a perfect condition.

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