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Forum 43

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For topics relating to automotive collectibles, especially 1:43
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Ruxton by Roberts by Maz Woolley #23281
Thanks Max for sending this out, Only JR's love of weird cars could bring this off. by Dick Browne #23281.1Moderator
Glad to be able to share this by Maz Woolley #23281.1.1
Many thanks, Maz. I just started my day with your fine reprint, by David Holcombe #23281.2
+1 (EOM) by Bob Jackman #23281.2.1
PICs - Occasional Dose of Diecast - Tuesday by John Merritt #23280
BCC 2017 Annual Club Model by Al Stack #23280.1
No problem! (EOM) by John Merritt #23280.1.1
That is a very nice model. John, lay down some sand and you have Luxor! (EOM) by Randall Olson #23280.2
New Brooklin diary on their Facebook page (EOM) by Mike Coupe #23279
What, those Italians in charge of the website still on vacation? Must be nice! (EOM) by Rick Thompson #23279.1
I'm looking forward to the GS recolor. The green wasn't my fave. Also the headliner looked weird. (EOM) by Ed Glorius #23279.2
Ed, I was initially put off by that sunvisor/headliner piece, too, by Rick Thompson #23279.2.1
PICS. A pair of nice Rolls Royces arrived today. by Mike Coupe #23278
Beautiful toy. Wonder how often the top was opened on the real car? by David Crowe #23278.1
I'll save the rant about not making the tops removable... by Robert Jacobs #23278.2
You may be right Robert but by Mike Coupe #23278.2.1
Perhaps, Mike.. by Robert Jacobs #23278.2.1.1
Here's a link to some good photos of Marlene with her car by Randall Olson #23278.3
Anyone wanna bet this will be the repaint... by Robert Jacobs #23278.3.1
Pictures of the 1:1 (pic), thanks to Randall for the source. by David Holcombe #23278.3.2
Need contact info for Top Marques/Auto Torque models.Thankyou (EOM) by Gregory Gunn #23277
I just received the B.C.C. 2017 Club Special 1940 Lincoln by John Merritt #23276
Glad you like it John (EOM) by John Scrivens #23276.1
PICS. Back to BML24 and colour by Mike Coupe #23275
The grass and the trees look a bit light too, no? Perhaps it's computer resolution? (EOM) by Ed Glorius #23275.1
I thought I did in two earlier posts. This color is more like the real thing, more grey in it by Curtis Parisi #23275.2
I think the Cordoba Gray is simply a name, as the color is a beige by John Merritt #23275.3
The colour on your models John do replicate that on by Mike Coupe #23275.3.1
I haven't seen the model, but do hope to order it very soon. (EOM) by John Merritt #23275.3.1.1
Change that... just did. I haven't any '34 Ford models in my collection. by John Merritt #23275.
There is one 1934 Ford model, by Design Studio. by Harvey Goranson #23275.
One more picture of a Ruxton, and a source. (pic) by David Holcombe #23274
Anyone want to paint one? (EOM) by Dick Browne #23274.1Moderator
A changeover to black walls would be more cost effective. (EOM) by Shel Platt #23274.1.1
Sure. Get me a dozen kits, I'll paint all colors. But they will NOT have blackwall tires. (EOM) by David Crowe #23274.1.2
(Pic) For the collector who can't decide on a colour. by Ken Spear #23273
So there is an answer! (pic) I just spent a part of this beautiful afternoon wandering by David Holcombe #23273.1
I think John Roberts once made a Ruxton in our scale - that must have been a challenge... (EOM) by Ralf Buyer #23273.1.1
I would love to see a picture of it! (EOM) by David Holcombe #23273.1.1.1
Yes, John Roberts did build one, and it's a beauty. by Richard Nosker #23273.1.1.2
Here's the model! A couple of pictures of the finished car plus interior. by John Roberts #23273.
A minor point on those bodies... by John Roberts #23273.
John, your expertise once again amazes me! Many, many thanks. (EOM) by David Holcombe #23273.
Thanks for posting these pictures John. Your talent is by Bob Jackman #23273.
+1 (EOM) by Skip Johnson #23273.
Fantastic, John! How about a series of six, perhaps in different color schemes? (EOM) by Rick Thompson #23273.
No problem Rick - just let me mow the lawn first. (EOM) by John Roberts #23273.
Incredible! (EOM) by John Merritt #23273.
Thanks everyone - much appreciated (EOM) by John Roberts #23273.
MAR Online by Maz Woolley #23273.
We really need a Ruxton in 1/43 scale. 1/8 scale would be fun, too. (EOM) by David Crowe #23273.1.2
This is an exact model of the illustration of available colors for by Mark Lampariello #23273.2
Pics : 1958 Plymouth Belvédère by Western Models restored by Denis Auber #23272
Looks good, Denis. A restoration, to me, is always just a little special. Well done! (EOM) by David Holcombe #23272.1
Nice work Denis (EOM) by John Roberts #23272.2
Nice restoration Denis. I love those '57-'58 Plymouths. by David Knight #23272.3
Pics. GLM and its 1960 Italian Cadillac. by Jean Philippe Sergent #23271
That looks pretty good. (EOM) by Christopher Moroni #23271.1
1/43rd show in Auburn Indiana?------see post by Gregory Gunn #23270
I guess since both of my partners are deceased I by Don Anderson #23270.1
Great idea count me in (EOM) by James Roth #23270.2
Greg, Are you talking about the Auction America during the ACD Festival in September? (EOM) by Frank Racibozynski #23270.3
Frank-Yes,This is just an option. (EOM) by Gregory Gunn #23270.3.1
all my pryers goes with santa rosa population (EOM) by Michel Gouverneur #23269
And mine as well. My oldest modeling friend has been by John Quilter #23269.1
does a manufacturer has made by Michel Gouverneur #23268
Is Goldvarg trying to tell us something? He has filled up Facebook with Batmobile images. by David Crowe #23267
Maybe because Haloween is coming? (EOM) by Frank Racibozynski #23267.1
He owns (or at least did own) a 1:1 Batmobile. (EOM) by Richard Sufficool #23267.2
That's his in the pictures, he still had it when were there in January. (EOM) by Dick Browne #23267.2.1Moderator
Is this an original one Dick? by John Roberts #23267.2.1.1
As I understood it, 3 were made for the movie. by Dick Browne #23267.
Thanks Dick - very interesting. (EOM) by John Roberts #23267.
Another color question! I am looking for the correct red for the 1924 FIAT by Arie Bras #23266
PIC. More on the Cordoba Gray saga. by Mike Coupe #23265
Cordoba Grey was one of five colors for 1934 Ford Deluxe cars. Ford by Curtis Parisi #23265.1
A proposal for a different '34 Ford. (pic) by David Holcombe #23264
Matrix or GLM would make it work nicely. I hope they do. Not Brooklin. (EOM) by David Crowe #23264.1
Entirely agree. (EOM) by kenneth Hodges #23264.1.1
1/43 Cadillac Type 57. Part 10 (PICs) by Volodymyr Sorokolat #23263
I see Oxford Diecast are to make a 1:43 scale coach...yippee! by John Roberts #23262
Will need to see how it sells by Maz Woolley #23262.1
Not only CEO of Hornby but an interactive investor. Thanks Maz for this information. (EOM) by Chris Sweetman #23262.1.1
I like to place "little people" with my 1:43 models. (PICs) Here's some information. by David Holcombe #23261
Fab images David and those Chinese made figures were certainly inspired by Preiser. (EOM) by Chris Sweetman #23261.1
I like Omen Miniatures - PICS - by John Roberts #23261.2
John,Iam pleased to see you mention Omen figures, which I also enjoy by Alex Taylor #23261.2.1
John, if you would like further hints, I suggest you by Alex Taylor #23261.2.1.1
Alex, how about sharing a few hints here? I for one would appreciate them. (EOM) by David Holcombe #23261.
OK, but it's a long story, and it would take me a page to explain by Alex Taylor #23261.
Okay, white primer and stuck to a stiff paper. I'm starting a few. (EOM) by David Holcombe #23261.
David,the stiff paper is temporary:it helps you handle, turn around by Alex Taylor #23261.
Alex, if you look at that photo John posted, I think by Rick Thompson #23261.
Rick, thanks for the information! Does he only rebuild Brooklin model by Alex Taylor #23261.
I don't build much these days Alex - mainly for my own amusement. (EOM) by John Roberts #23261.
Thanks for your kind comments Rick. I've found I never stop learning when it comes to building. (EOM) by John Roberts #23261.
Me too! by Maz Woolley #23261.3
PICS and not a box in sight !!!!! Two new ones from Brooklin. by Mike Coupe #23260
Hmm. Interesting interpretation of "grey" on that Ford! by Graeme Ogg #23260.1
The actual model is even more beige than the photos. by Mike Coupe #23260.1.1
I think you could be right Graeme. Cordoba Beige it must be! by John Roberts #23260.1.2
Mike this colour comes closer by Jacques Roest #23260.2
The actual model is very much a mid to dark beige, by Mike Coupe #23260.2.1
I think they have the name wrong rather than the colour Mike. (EOM) by John Roberts #23260.2.1.1
Mind you, Mike ... by Graeme Ogg #23260.2.1.2
Don't know about the color without seeing the model in the flesh but by Curtis Parisi #23260.3
The '34 Ford coupe- another interpretation (pic) by David Holcombe #23260.4
Is it just my eyes ... by Graeme Ogg #23260.4.1
Dear Graeme, I assure you that the silver and green combo used by Hubley by David Holcombe #23260.4.1.1
Upsetting anyone's digestion could not have been further from my mind. by Graeme Ogg #23260.
Pics and what do you think of these Aussies from Carlectibales 33 en 34 Fords? by Jacques Roest #23260.
They look good by Mike Coupe #23260.
Mike, they're die cast, made in 2003. 1,500 pieces the Ute/2,500 the Sports Coupe (no pun intended) (EOM) by Ralf Buyer #23260.
Really nice! Thanks for posting these, Jacques. (EOM) by David Holcombe #23260.
Vehicles look great but not the wire wheels. They sure look plastic (EOM) by Tom Ciryak #23260.
I remain humbly correct and tastefully appropriate. (EOM) by John Kuvakas #23260.
But do you think anyone will believe you? (EOM) by Graeme Ogg #23260.
To detail or not to detail, that is the question by Don Anderson #23259
I enjoy detailing. Of course, sometimes I mess up, but by David Holcombe #23259.1
Respecting a model's virginity (Harvey W. fans look away now) by Graeme Ogg #23259.1.1
I just wreck everything I get - been doing it since I was about seven. by John Roberts #23259.1.1.1
Agree completely with Mr. Roberts ! (EOM) by Ken Smith #23259.
+1 (EOM) by Curtis Parisi #23259.
David, the C-300 is a perfect choice to try out detailing. Yours looks very good after it.... by Frank Racibozynski #23259.1.2
The happy medium for me is to have someone else do the work. by Harvey Goranson #23259.2
Someone once said those who Can, will do, and those by Don Anderson #23259.2.1
Detail it! by Maz Woolley #23259.3
I always keep the original Brooklin original. Only detail a cheap older Brooklin, which I like (EOM) by Jacques Roest #23259.4
Brooklin Collectors Club AGM - 10-08-17 by Al Stack #23258
Just posted in the lounge about my drive in a Panhard. Karl - have you posted about the Lancia? (EOM) by Harvey Goranson #23257
One of my favourite French Dinky Toys Harv. (EOM) by John Roberts #23257.1
Probably my second-ever Solido. Missed out on the Dinky. (EOM) by Harvey Goranson #23257.1.1
Still hunting for both - the Solido is particularly awesome with all opening ….. by Chris Sweetman #23257.1.1.1
Harv, what a number for the Solido - 143 - perfect. (EOM) by Chris Sweetman #23257.1.1.2
Ha! Had not thought about that! (EOM) by Harvey Goranson #23257.
PICS. I have updated ny website to show illustrations of thr full size cars which by Mike Coupe #23256
Thank you very much Mike . Very interesting models among them for me the DeSoto is a winner (EOM) by Jacques Roest #23256.1
Thank you Mike. I love October! Looking at the 1970 GS coupe and 1956 Buick. (EOM) by Ed Glorius #23256.2
I have been asked by Amanda at the factory to make this statement: by John Roberts #23255
Thank you, John. And thanks to Amanda, also. (EOM) by David Holcombe #23255.1
Thanks John, you might ask her about a catalog. (EOM) by Dick Browne #23255.2Moderator
I believe it will now be at the beginning of next year. (EOM) by John Scrivens #23255.2.1
Message from Amanda at Brooklin received by me today... by Dick Browne #23255.3Moderator
Anyone need boxes for M/C/DS/USA/AM,MMQ,Victory and by Gregory Gunn #23254
Pics: October 8 2017 Brookin club meeting and factory visit part 2 by Jacques Roest #23253
Thanks for the photos Jacques. It is great to see all the fun. by John Merritt #23253.1
Pics: October 8 2017 Brooklin club meeting and factory visit part 1 by Jacques Roest #23252
Great pics! Thanks for posting. (EOM) by Mark Sweeney #23252.1
I hope the absence of Lansdowne Models by Mike Coupe #23252.2
Great photos. Does anyone know what is exact year of the woodie. It looks like by Curtis Parisi #23252.3
As far as I know it will be a '42. (EOM) by Ralf Buyer #23252.3.1
If that's true in my humble opinion they couldn't have picked a less appealing year for Oldsmobile. (EOM) by Curtis Parisi #23252.3.1.1
PIC Check Mike's Spacroft Models site: http://www.spacroftmodels.co.uk/models_2017.htm by Ralf Buyer #23252.
PIC -- On the plus side, it is a unique grille design that stands out. Art deco gone wild? by Frank Racibozynski #23252.
It's also the basic body used for several years (pic) after the war, so by David Holcombe #23252.
Thanks for posting (EOM) by John Scrivens #23252.4
I have been after Brooklin for years to do some 1942's, the "Forgotten Year". by Dick Browne #23252.4.1Moderator
A few thoughts on Brooklin's 'Box-gate' saga. by John Roberts #23251
John, I for one don't mind paying more for quality (including the box) but by Curtis Parisi #23251.1
I meant to add the headlight thing Curtis...they will come. by John Roberts #23251.1.1
John, I'm not sure I follow. My reference was meant to be that Motor City by Curtis Parisi #23251.1.1.1
Sorry I misunderstood you Curtis. Agree with your sentiments though (EOM) by John Roberts #23251.
+1 (EOM) by Shel Platt #23251.1.1.2
Well, at least the Brooklin Box Saga has cured my insomnia. Thanks, John. by Graeme Ogg #23251.2
I am confused John. I only learnt about the box price from by Mike Coupe #23251.3
The £20 box price came from Nigel the day before he went to the states (EOM) by John Scrivens #23251.3.1
The end result will be asking the collectors to shed out up to $260 by John Scrivens #23251.4
It's about value.... by Robert Jacobs #23251.5
Some collectors just want a super-detailed "shrunken 1:1" so for them, it's resin. by Mark Lampariello #23251.5.1
So, GLM and Matrix aren't hand crafted? by Robert Jacobs #23251.5.1.1
It is not only Matrix and Neo by Maz Woolley #23251.
It is not only Matrix and Neo by Maz Woolley #23251.
I am not denying your observations about GLM, Neo and Matrix by Mark Lampariello #23251.
BRK No. 1 again is news, at least the 1:1 version. (PICs) by David Holcombe #23250
The 1:1 is breathtaking. I was fortunate to have seen one a few years ago. Thanks for the photos. (EOM) by John Merritt #23250.1
U.S. numberplates - a little bit of light relief by Graeme Ogg #23249
Those collectors are crazy!@ (Not like us....) (EOM) by Karl Schnelle #23249.1
Pics Brooklin's prototype chique box by Jacques Roest #23248
Thanks for posting the pictures of the chic box Jacques by Mike Coupe #23248.1
Looks like the worst of all possible worlds. by Graeme Ogg #23248.2
We have seen the recent price increase in new Brooklins by Ken Spear #23248.2.1
Don't worry Graeme, by Mike Coupe #23248.2.2
Great looking box - why not make it optional? If you want something fancy then maybe it is worth by Mark Sweeney #23248.3
That is an expensive box! (EOM) by Gregory Gunn #23248.4
A picture is worth a thousand words... by David Knight #23248.4.1
Thank you for the information and pictures, Jacques. (EOM) by David Holcombe #23248.5
I'm a fan of high end packaging and find this Brooklin box very appealing. by Lou Petrucci #23248.6
The box is not even compatible with displaying the model. Really poor planning here. (EOM) by David Crowe #23248.7
Base by John Daniels #23248.7.1
Cheapos, but beautiful! ;-) (EOM) by Ralf Buyer #23248.7.1.1
A gorgeously absurd box. To protect the models ? come on. (EOM) by Jean Philippe Sergent #23248.8
Strudy is good. However US Modelmint has a less ostentatious solution. (EOM) by Mark Lampariello #23248.9
Question Concerning MOC Moulds? by JD Johnson #23247
JD-Jeff Thomas has Most of the Masters .The molds wear out and by Gregory Gunn #23247.1
My PayPal account was hacked and there was over 10K of charges that went to my by Tom Ciryak #23246
That's bad news. by Jay Golan #23246.1
Wow! Hate to hear that Tom - keep us posted, hope you get it back.. (EOM) by Harvey Goranson #23246.2
Follow-up. As of today I'm being told not to worry. PayPal is putting in a claim for recovery and my by Tom Ciryak #23246.3
Mark Sweeny,Please e-mail me at by Gregory Gunn #23245
GADM Packard Predictor sold on the 'bay. (PICs) Time to check ours? by David Holcombe #23244
Nice models, however given its condition, eBay sold for prices mystify me. by Randall Olson #23244.1
Good eye, Randall. Bruce Arnold Models #5, serial number 39. (EOM) by David Holcombe #23244.1.1
I notified the seller and told him parts were missing and by Gregory Gunn #23244.2
Really? That's three Brooklins then...with the new boxes thrown in. (EOM) by John Roberts #23244.3
Yikes! I have one, but it keeps shedding pieces. (EOM) by Ed Glorius #23244.4
Reports from the Brooklin Collectors' Club AGM on Sunday by Mike Coupe #23243
They might as well kill the company out right. Why extend the agony? (EOM) by Albert Kopans #23243.1
Farewell, Brooklin! (EOM) by Ralf Buyer #23243.2
I'm curious and anxious to see what this new packaging by Rick Thompson #23243.3
Ask Amanda to send you a pic. by John Scrivens #23243.3.1
Brooklin's price increases are proportional to increased quality across the board. by Albert Kohalich #23243.4
I gladly pay for their increased quality, but I will not pay 20.00 GBP more... by Ralf Buyer #23243.4.1
Please email the factory with your thoughts (EOM) by John Scrivens #23243.4.1.1
At up to £200 per model by John Scrivens #23243.4.2
My feeling exactly. Brooklins have become too costly by John Quilter #23243.4.2.1
plus another price increase at the beginning of next year by John Scrivens #23243.5
Very sad to know that Brooklin abandoned G.B.models after make the same whit the Volvo/Saab... (EOM) by renato camesasca #23243.5.1
As yet, Lansdowne Models haven't been abandoned Renato. by Mike Coupe #23243.5.1.1
No, neither do I John. I'm sure there's by Mike Coupe #23243.5.2
It's a question of image (EOM) by John Scrivens #23243.5.2.1
I'm looking at it a bit differently, gents. by John Kuvakas #23243.6
John K - Other white metal models builders - At this point I can think of by Randall Olson #23243.6.1
John, 20Lbs for the packaging? I for one have not complained by Bob Jackman #23243.6.2
Well said John! (EOM) by Albert Kohalich #23243.6.3
Well said John! (EOM) by Albert Kohalich #23243.6.4
Impossibly expensive by Maz Woolley #23243.7
I must admit that I am a little peeved with the "fire sales" as you put it, by Mike Coupe #23243.7.1
Packaging pricing is ridiculous. I don't display my models by Bob Jackman #23243.8
It just seems to me that the foam that they used all these years protected by Tom Ciryak #23243.8.1
Bob/Tom: agree fully with both your posts. (EOM) by Skip Johnson #23243.8.2
Packaging ? Price? Details ? Model Choice ? Color ? All of these different by Randy Bahler #23243.8.2.1
I am willing to pay for price increases for additional detail and rising costs. by David Knight #23243.9
Design Studio (many PICS) by Albert Kopans #23242
Wow, thats some nice looking diecast. (EOM) by Gary Rockwood #23242.1
Wonderful images of a very impressive gathering. Very nice ! (EOM) by Mike DeTorrice #23242.2
Albert, thank you for taking the time to post these informative images. by Randall Olson #23242.3
PICS. Rolls Royce Silver Wraith Empress Limousine by Mike Coupe #23241
Looks like a repaint of the silver sand over walnut BoS. (EOM) by Robert Jacobs #23241.1
Just what I was thinking........ by Maz Woolley #23241.1.1
And both the Neo and BoS are likely copies of Matrix #11705-041. by Harvey Goranson #23241.1.1.1
B-O-P* Super Highway of the Jet Age (PICS) by Brian Laurance #23240
Nice connection and collection Brian! (EOM) by Christopher Moroni #23240.1
WOW really impressive by Keko Romero #23240.2
Brian: Great colour combinations and photo shoot. Just by Ken Spear #23240.3
Right after the Buick came out, Fred Lewis offered a deal to Forum members. by Harvey Goranson #23240.3.1
BRK Buick by Fred Lewis #23240.3.1.1
And, just for the record, Ken, the white over Colonial Blue by Rick Thompson #23240.3.2
The two '58 Buick Roadmaster 75's are among my favorites in the collection. The white by Brian Laurance #23240.3.3
Fantastic! Your photos and model collection are a treat to see. by John Merritt #23240.4
I'm jealous! Great collection and well presented! (EOM) by Mark Sweeney #23240.5
Brian, thanks for the excellent layout. Love your submissions by Bob Jackman #23240.6
Very carefully, I would imagine, Bob... (EOM) by John Kuliak #23240.6.1
I only hire former naval aviators with aircraft carrier experience! (EOM) by Brian Laurance #23240.6.2
Thanks, all, for your kind comments. This one had been brewing for a while, and I was by Brian Laurance #23240.7
Beautiful collection and pictures. Don't put off retiring, As my best friend said... by Frank Racibozynski #23240.7.1
A very good word, Frank! Thank you for the encouragement. (EOM) by Brian Laurance #23240.7.1.1
A fantastic collection of air and ground beauties shown in excellent photos ! (EOM) by Mike DeTorrice #23240.8
Brian, an immense undertaking, immensely enjoyed! Thank you! by Randall Olson #23240.9
Thanks for this pictorial essay, Brian. Really special! (EOM) by David Holcombe #23240.10
PICS - Ferrari 375 MM Coupé Pininfarina 'Ingrid Bergman' by Autocult by Keko Romero #23239
Lovely! (EOM) by Karl Schnelle #23239.1
Question following on Posts 23229 and 23236. by Harvey Goranson #23238
There is a Cream 1949 Nash Ambassador 2-door sedan. by Dick Browne #23238.1Moderator
I thought that the Nash was numbered USA 1000, Dick. by Rick Thompson #23238.1.1
I think the box is numbered 1000 but several good sources refer to it as #100. (EOM) by Dick Browne #23238.1.1.1Moderator
'53 Chevy Ambulette by Roger Kimber #23238.1.1.2
Greetings, Forum 43- Here's an oldie just to start your day. (pic) by David Holcombe #23237
Nice to hear that you had a good time. I love that Cord, but only have the DM 1/16. (EOM) by Steve Jacobs #23237.1
PIC A beautiful model David! Like you I came back yesterday evening after three weeks... by Ralf Buyer #23237.2
USA Models (lots of pics) by Albert Kopans #23236
Great collection ! These all look excellent. (EOM) by Mike DeTorrice #23236.1
A beautiful collection. I want several of those. (EOM) by John Merritt #23236.2
Question - is it possible to find replacement parts for the 49 Nash? I have the taxi version which by Mark Sweeney #23236.3
Mark,I have grilles,I own all of the Remaining M/C,D/S,USA,Parts (EOM) by Gregory Gunn #23236.3.1
Terrific post, Albert! Excellent photos. Wish I had them for my books! (EOM) by Randall Olson #23236.4
Pics. Little changes on GLM's 1962 Cadillac limousine. by Jean Philippe Sergent #23235
Great looking model of a favorite year. Its best feature is by Mark Lampariello #23235.1
Fins? by Stanton Lyman #23235.2
Hello Stanton, by Jean Philippe Sergent #23235.2.1
Height by Stanton Lyman #23235.2.1.1
Also the '59 style windshield, its pillar, and vent windows were retained on the limo. by Mark Lampariello #23235.
Yes Mark, it's because by Jean Philippe Sergent #23235.
There are diecasts for collecting, diecasts for playing, but yesterday I spotted a third function. by Harvey Goranson #23234
Thats what I do for a living is Train our employees on all these by Randy Bahler #23234.1
Much of what is shown is the domain of the Operating Engineers and they ALL have to be certified to by Tom Ciryak #23234.1.1
Did they all fit into your bag Harv? (EOM) by John Roberts #23234.2
Tempted , but a five-finger discount just might be grounds for dismissal. by Harvey Goranson #23234.2.1
[PICS] Just sneaking in a 1:1 for lovers of old Dinky Toys by Graeme Ogg #23233
When I rediscovered diecasts as a preteen, that green Riley was one I acquired first. by Harvey Goranson #23233.1
PIC - gorgeous model. Here's the Crossway Models 1950 version by Randall Olson #23233.2
I didn't see the price tag at the time, but ... by Graeme Ogg #23233.2.1
I like that light green, too. Thanks for the link. The tan/black number is even nicer by Randall Olson #23233.2.1.1
No, I didn't do the Riley Randall, as it was already available from Crossway by Mike Coupe #23233.2.2
No, I didn't do the Riley as it was already available from Crossway by Mike Coupe #23233.2.3
Mike - better not to saturate the market but offer some other subject! (EOM) by Randall Olson #23233.2.3.1
Once I became aware of the existence of another Riley Convertible by Mike Coupe #23233.
Crossway question for Mike Coupe by John Kuliak #23233.2.3.2
As far as I'm aware John, by Mike Coupe #23233.
Thanks, Mike by John Kuliak #23233.
Try crosswaymodels@carl0405.plus.com by Mike Coupe #23233.
Thanks very much, Mike! (EOM) by John Kuliak #23233.
Great looking car. (EOM) by Mark Sweeney #23233.3
PIC - New in my collection by Keko Romero #23232
Nice! I especially like the Pegaso. (EOM) by Mark Sweeney #23232.1
do bos model will do 67 chrysler cve in 1/43 by Michel Gouverneur #23231
Me too Michel with opening bonnets (hoods) to reveal a US V8 in miniature. (EOM) by Chris Sweetman #23231.1
It would be great to have a 1968 Buick Electra 225 4-door Hdtp by Michel Lemieux #23231.1.1
GLM 1962 Cadillac Limousine Fleetwood 75 Pictures by Matthew Stone #23230
That exhaust pipe is beyond absurd. They really should have questioned the accuracy of it. (EOM) by David Crowe #23230.1
Maybe GLM thought it was a trailler hitch? ;<) (EOM) by Frank Racibozynski #23230.1.1
And there are no grilles in the lower section of the front bumper on 1/1s.... by Jean Philippe Sergent #23230.1.2
Photos re-sized for easier viewing by Graeme Ogg #23230.2
Whew! Thank you! (EOM) by Christopher Moroni #23230.2.1
Thanks, I don't know why it makes them so large. by Matthew Stone #23230.2.2
Without getting technical......It's your camera. It's set for a large number of pixels. by Tom Ciryak #23230.2.2.1
Concise explanation, Tom. Matthew, I set my width to 1600 pixels which shows up fine by Randall Olson #23230.
USA models, info needed by John Quilter #23229
I've only got one USA Model,which is none of these, and also by Alex Taylor #23229.1
John, USA Models was the lower-priced line of models from Motor City USA... by Scott Brown #23229.2
Thanks for the very detailed response. Much appreciated by John Quilter #23229.2.1
A very complete response thanks to Scott. I'd add USA-5, a '54 Chevrolet Bel Air 4dr sedan by Randall Olson #23229.2.1.1
I have four, here's a pic. by Harvey Goranson #23229.2.2
Conquest 1949 Frazer Convertible by Faron Sparkman #23228
I'm not much of a pre-war fan, but this BRK Ambassador looks gorgeous by Ed Glorius #23227
Okay, I realize now this is a re-body and a re-color. Love the blue though. (EOM) by Ed Glorius #23227.1
PICS. Four from GLM for RR Springfield fans, plus by Mike Coupe #23226
Another nice Woody Wagon shown in an old Hollywood Classical Movie by Alex Taylor #23225
PIC - Hi Alex. The Internet Movie Car Database says it is a 1950 Plymouth by Randall Olson #23225.1
Thanks, Randall, for posting this information and picture of the by Alex Taylor #23225.1.1
(PICS) Sometime ago, I purchased this 1991 Eureka Hearse by Lloyd Mecca #23224
Love it ! wire wheels are gorgeous but it looks more sleek now. (EOM) by Jean Philippe Sergent #23224.1
PICS. Sneak previews of forthcoming Brooklins. by Mike Coupe #23223
1/43 Cadillac Type 57. Part 9 (PICs) by Volodymyr Sorokolat #23222
Amazing work again... (EOM) by Jean Philippe Sergent #23222.1
PICS - Hispano Suiza K6 Break de Chasse Franay by Matrix by Keko Romero #23221
Matrix are usually strictly 1:43. How did they manage to oversize this one? (EOM) by Graeme Ogg #23221.1
Yes, something is wrong here. by Richard Nosker #23221.2
Keko, how does the wheelbase of the Franay Break compare with by kenneth Hodges #23221.3
It´s a bit larger (EOM) by Keko Romero #23221.3.1

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