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Posted By: Rick Thompson
Posted On: Friday October 25, 2013 at 12:56 PM
Brian, go to Brooklin's home page at

Under the light blue bar that reads "Welcome to Brooklin Models," you'll see a book with the words "This Weeks Photos." Click on that book.

The weekly photo diaries then appear, beginning with the most recent week (in this case, Oct. 21-25). Click on the small tab reading "click here to see more images." You can then scroll down and see the photos and Martyn's captions.

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Message thread:

Great photos of new Brooklins are on the Photo Diary now. by Rick Thompson #16641
BRK 40 Buick Woody by Joe Libricz #16641.1
Agreed - looks fantastic and great to see they're embracing the latest technology! (EOM) by Thomas Kinney #16641.1.1
The 3D printer technology is used by John Wright Modelmakers, by John Roberts #16641.1.2
PICS. The 2 new Buicks from Brooklin. by Mike Coupe #16641.2
The wood on the woody looks downright incredible. by John-William Greenbaum #16641.2.1
The wood frames are sprayed J-W. by John Roberts #16641.2.1.1
Though the wood "staining" is good... by Joe Libricz #16641.
Truly fascinating and thanks for the tip, John...but I don't trust myself to do it! (EOM) by John-William Greenbaum #16641.
Where does one find the "Photo Diary"? I'd like to see the Packard wagon. (EOM) by Brian Cox #16641.3
Brian, go to Brooklin's home page at by Rick Thompson #16641.3.1
The Packard wagon is the one I'm waiting for, and it looks like it's coming along well. (EOM) by David Holcombe #16641.3.2
That '40 Buick is spectacular! I hope they continue to produce at least one woodie a year. by Curtis Parisi #16641.4
Awesome. I think this Buick Woody will be a big success. (EOM) by Michel Lemieux #16641.4.1

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