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Posted By: Andrei Shin
Posted On: Friday November 1, 2013 at 3:48 PM
Torture of IXO packard and cadillac PICS
The v16 Whitebox came in. And the Packard last week.
I actually prefer this diecast to resin automodelo, but it had in my opinion one key weakness - the bumber sat jaw-droppoing low, ruining the impression. Now its off and waiting till some bare-foil comes for decor after which I'll try to glue it higher.

The v16 also has a sad fate. I switched around the wheels of the models (Which imho made them look better) but unexperienced labor broke the last wheel :(
I also want to get rid of the yellow NY licence plate. Maybe its some OCD or else, but I cant stand when the licence color is a no/no match with the body color. And blue with yellow is a not.

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