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Posted By: John Quilter
Posted On: Tuesday January 21, 2014 at 3:04 PM
Chevrolet station wagons
As requested here are a few more station wagon conversions in my never ending quest to recreate automotive history 1:43 scale. Chevrolets this time.

This is a 1955 four door wagon that was a conversion of a Road Champs Belair hardtop. I have no problem chopping Road Champs, they were inexpensive and relatively plentiful at the time.

And two 1957 Chevrolets a wagon and sedan delivery both conversions of Road Legends items.

And a 1959 Chevrolet two door wagon which was a modification of a Kagar transkit for the Vitesse 1959 Chevy. In this series of Kagars there is also a four door wagon, a sedan delivery, an El Camino and I modified a four door into a flat top before they were available as fully built models.

And a Franklin Mint Corvair sedan into a Lakewood wagon. Again the opening doors present a challenge. The door frames on this Franklin Mint were over thick so even on my stock sedan I carefully filed them thinner for better appearance.

Jumping ahead to the 80s and 90s here are two Caprice wagons, the square one, a conversion of a White Rose police car and the "fat" one a conversion of a Road Champs police car.

And finally something completely different that was Chevrolet powered. This was a modification of a resin body by a maker and source I forget. Checker Aerobus, circa 1965. I hope I don't get sued for no trademark license.

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