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Posted By: Richard Thompson
Posted On: Thursday December 23, 2004 at 8:36 AM
Tom and I wondering if anyone knows how many of the
"Limited Edition" '55 Pontiac convertible (in yellow and black) were made. I have it and the red one as well, and I always liked the fact that Goldvarg enclosed a signed hang tag with each car and that the tags, at least, were serially numbered. But nowhere is the edition size stated.

Generally speaking, do you know about how many of each car was made? I also have and like the '56 Mercury Montclair in orange and white, and I understand that it was also available in turquoise and white. I don't see these cars come on the market very often, so was wondering about their rarity.

Thanks, Dick.


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Message thread:

Any Goldvarg authorities out there? Dick Browne, do you know by Richard Thompson #931
No plans from Goldvarg at this time. by Dick Browne #931.1Moderator
Tom and I wondering if anyone knows how many of the by Richard Thompson #931.1.1
Sorry, I have no idea on Golvarg quantities. by Dick Browne #931.1.1.1Moderator
I hope so...how can we ask him? Does Sr. Goldvarg read this by Richard Thompson #931.
Neither, but I sent him an email. by Dick Browne #931.
Great! Thanks for the help, and I hope he does respond. by Richard Thompson #931.
The number of Goldvarg 1957 Olds' would be of interest. If one gets on ebay, it goes for $225-$300 (EOM) by Frank Racibozynski #931.1.1.2
That is BIG BUCKS for this model! (EOM) by Dick Browne #931.
I think I dropped out of the bidding for one at about $120, but by Richard Thompson #931.
Got mine for $60 by doing a broader "1957 Olds" ebay search rather than just "Goldvarg" and found by Frank Racibozynski #931.

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