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Posted By: Dillon Taylor
Posted On: Friday January 29, 2010 at 8:12 AM
Pics -- 1951 Chevy versus 1951 Ford. Which do you prefer?
General Motors gets credit for introducing pillarless “hardtop” styling in 1949. The hardtop first appeared on GM’s larger Cadillacs, Buicks, and Oldsmobiles, and the look was purportedly inspired by the wife of a Buick executive who always drove convertibles, but never lowered the top. GM made available hardtop styling to some of its smaller models beginning in 1950.

The new 1950 Chevrolet Bel Air was Chevrolet's first hardtop and the pioneer pillarless coupe in the low-priced market. From the beltline down, a Bel Air looked exactly like other Stylelines. Convertible-type frame reinforcements made up for some loss of structural rigidity due to the lack of B-pillars. Rather than the usual broadcloth, upholstery was leather and pile-cord fabric.

Ford was in a panic when General Motors introduced new hartop styling on deluxe models in 1949. Ford didn't have time to engineer a hardtop until, so it invented something entirely new to fill the gap, a "quicky" premium model with style and luxury above its top Deluxe series: The Crestliner.

The 1950-1951 Crestliner was a limited-edition tudor sedan distinguished by a vivid contrasting "color sweep" along the body sides. Ford Crestliners came with standard fender skirts, and the two-tone color was repeated on the padded vinyl top, replicating the look of a convertible.

Which car do you find more appealing, the Chevy or Ford?

Below: Motor City 1951 Chevy Bel Air detailed by John White

Below: Motor City 1951 Ford Crestliner

Below: Chevy and Ford in ‘51

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Message thread:

Pics -- 1951 Chevy versus 1951 Ford. Which do you prefer? by Dillon Taylor #8950
The choice is easy Dillon...I'd go for the Studebaker! (EOM) by John Roberts #8950.1
Is that answer allowed? (EOM) by John Roberts #8950.1.1
Pics -- Here ya go, JR. Below is a pic of a 51 Stude and, for good measure, a 51 Packard. by Dillon Taylor #8950.1.2
Nice pics all, Dillon. Seeing the Packard reminds me that I have by Rick Thompson #8950.1.2.1
Thanks, Rick. (EOM) by Dillon Taylor #8950.
Thanks Dillon...I didn't mean to be flippant. I've always loved the Stude. (EOM) by John Roberts #8950.1.2.2
I think the 1950 versions of both cars were better designs. (EOM) by Dick Browne #8950.2Moderator
I would agree on the Ford but I like the 51 Chevy better (EOM) by John Kuvakas #8950.2.1
In reality Chevrolet's first hardtop was a 1950 and Ford by Shel Platt #8950.3
As 1:1 cars, I had experiences with driving and riding in both, and owning a by David Holcombe #8950.3.1
Pic for David -- 51 Frazer by Highway Travelers by Dillon Taylor #8950.3.1.1
Many thanks for this picture, Dillon. I missed this one when it appeared, by David Holcombe #8950.
Thanks, David. (EOM) by Dillon Taylor #8950.
A terrific-looking '51 here, Dillon. Is this HT version the only 1/43 available of a Fraser ? (EOM) by Mike DeTorrice #8950.
1951 Frazer by Peter Foss #8950.3.2
There were only two body types for Frazer in 1951. by Dick Browne #8950.3.2.1Moderator
Dick, I think they also made a few 3-door Frazer Vagabonds on some left-over by David Holcombe #8950.
My bad, I misread my source, the convertible & hardtop were Frazer Manhattans. by Dick Browne #8950.
Good information, Dick. Interesting cars. (EOM) by David Holcombe #8950.
Pic: Ray Paz's first car, a 50 BelAir...... by John Kuvakas #8950.4
Thanks Ray and John! That's a sharp '50 Chevy! (EOM) by Dillon Taylor #8950.4.1
1951 you say? Let me see....hmmm....I guess I'll have to go with by Harvey Goranson #8950.5
Between the Chevy and the Ford I would take the Chevy. by Lee Tracey #8950.6
All of the below ! The Chevy for the hardtop styling and the Ford by Mike DeTorrice #8950.7

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