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Posted By: Bob Fleck
Posted On: Saturday May 20, 2006 at 7:27 PM
Buby's Collectors Classics
Interesting article I found on the internet:

[Article wriiten by Bob Frassinetti of the Buenos Aires Toy Museum] collectors classics by buby. The Buenos Aires Toy Museum: http://www.ba-toymuseum.com.ar/
Buby's diecasts are coveted items within the world of collectibles for they

are high quality faithful scale reproductions of fantastic car models. Mr.

Buby accomplished very well the blend of two worlds that up till his enter

to the Argentinean market were absolutely separated, toys and automodels.

For over 40 years he devoted full time to the amazing world of toys with

unprecedented professionalism and passion.

In 1987, with a lifetime experience in the local and international toy

market, Buby accomplished an unusual turn within the world of toy producers,

he developed a special and unique collection specially thought and designed

for collectors: Buby's collectors classics, or as he last christened it,

Buby's Classics. Buby's collector's classics are this brand's finest

production in terms of quality and refinement. This is the only Argentinean

toy producer who has taken seriously in consideration the collectors as a

specific market with determined needs and satisfaction standards.

In one of our many conversations with Mr. Buby, I asked him about this

specific collection, and what it ment to him. His reply was fantastic, he

said: that it was one of the finest accomplishments of his career, for each

and every one of these cars was a sort of an artisan work, choosing the

original color, certifying all the details and including a special

certificate for the collector who acquired it.

Each model of the Collectors classics was produced in three different

styles, each of which was produced in three different colors, therefore

there are 9 possible variations of each model in terms of style and color,

plus some models also featured a "pace maker" (for the Indianapolis car


These are the models:

-Chevrolette 55 (plus "pace maker")

-Bel Air

-Ford 53


-Mercury 54 Monterey



-De Soto 56

-Fireflighter (plus pace maker)

-Studemaker Avanti

-Lincoln 46 Continental (plus pace maker)

And a 69 Cammaro (plus pace maker) that was released under Buby's Classics


There are in all 113 Collectors classics models variations, each of which

features a specific number on the item, its box and it's certification


Buby produced 1500 of each color and each model. All colors were original,

for Buby brought original paint chips to the country to develop the precise

color for each and every one of his productions .

Without a doubt, each of these fantastic models expresses not only an

outstanding professionalism but how passionate his producer was about them.

Collectors Classics were sold all over the world and have gained special

respect and attention in many collectors clubs. Such was the impact that

many years latter, some European brands began to produce very similar


Though there's not much information about this matter -and it could be quite

an interesting mystery to solve- we know for sure that when the Argentine

economical situation of the late 80s and throughout the 90s was extremely

harsh to local industrials and manufacturers, Buby tried to keep on

producing his Collectors line in Hong Kong. Things at the other end of the

world got quite complicated and the attempt was abandoned. Many of his model

cases were left in Hong Kong. May be, his former associates sold those cases

to other producers who gladly used them for similar productions. May be. we

don't know for sure. But an interesting door has opened to fully understand

those similarities and Buby's last fantastic creation.

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