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Posted By: Scott Brown
Posted On: Saturday May 12, 2012 at 6:32 AM
The Lansdowne Barker Bentley: Can anyone share information on the real car?
Maybe Mike Coupe or David Roberts or someone from Brooklin can give us a bit more background about the actual car. Is it a one-off, or did Barker produce this body type in a small batch? Is there a Barker design number? Where is the actual car now? What is the chassis number? Perhaps there's a picture in Johnny Green's book or the Michael Ellman-Brown book? It IS an unusual color. So, was it always yellow? What was the ownership history? Does it have an interesting background? Current owner, or is it confidential? I never got the full skinny about Lansdowne 97 either.

Information like this really helps us collectors. And since I have to research all the models in my collection before I can catalog them, I need that basic information.

Putting in a little slip of paper with a paragraph about the car in the packaging with the model, would be a great move for Brooklin on these Special Edition Bentleys. Spa Croft does something like this. I guess the basic suggestion here is, for the Special Edition stuff, when you're modeling a very specific car, don't make your model a mystery.

Look how crisp, clean and subtle the lines are on that model. That is one finely tooled master. Who gets the credit?

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Message thread:

PICS Forthcoming Lansdowne by Mike Coupe #14041
Thanks, Mike, for the great images. This one's a real beauty. (EOM) by David Knight #14041.1
The Lansdowne Barker Bentley: Can anyone share information on the real car? by Scott Brown #14041.2
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Fascinating history, John. That car is awesome! (EOM) by David Knight #14041.2.1.1
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Yep!! JR got there first (EOM) by Mike Coupe #14041.
Thanks, John! Great stuff! What a history. (EOM) by Rick Thompson #14041.2.1.3
Sometimes Brooklin do include some info' on the real car, and they have done with past Bentleys by Mike Coupe #14041.2.2
Art Deco beauty, I'll be ordering! (EOM) by Mark Lampariello #14041.3
This Barker is amazing! and you are right... by Judith Kirkpatrick #14041.4

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