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The Peachstate Collectibles line of replicas reveals more than the intricate detail of the street machines and racing models we faithfully reproduce. They show the love - almost a passion - for what we do. Yes, we get emotionally involved.

How can this happen? First of all, we all have a love of the automobile and racing, which is a necessary ingredient for all that follows. As we research the history of the various vintages of subject matter we produce, we learn so much more than just about the machines. We learn about the people that designed, constructed, drove, and supported the programs. Adding even more intrigue is the business, politics, and in some cases the egos that were woven throughout the process. This is as true of the racing venues as the muscle cars themselves.

An element that was present in the "good ole days" of automotive competition was the camaraderie of the drivers and crews…something that, if it exists today, is all but invisible. To hear the stories about drivers traveling together from race to race and then fiercely competing yet still remaining friends adds so much depth to this awesome era of racing history.

As a result, Peachstate Collectibles are inspired by more than research into the car itself. They are not only about the men that drove and built them but those that kept them running. They reflect the adventurous spirit that fueled new developments and that showed up on the next car at the next race. They capture the drive that constantly challenged the rulebook to gain the smallest advantage. Our replicas attempt to preserve the love, determination, and perseverance of everyone involved from the corporate backers to the photographers that recorded the history as it unfolded before them.

We try to portray all of this in the detail and accuracy of the model as well as in the packaging. We try to tell the story either in the decoration of the box or on an insert so the collector can also enjoy all the dimensions behind each replica. Our hope is that the history of these various venues will somehow be preserved. I know many collectors share this with their sons and daughters in hopes that other generations will appreciate what these cars and the people behind them accomplished. It is probably true these historic figures and legendary moments will never be seen again.

Thank you for your interest in Peachstate Collectibles and GMP. We hope you enjoy the full measure of our products. We eagerly invite your feedback to be sure we're pleasing the collector and not just blindly following our personal love of the automobile.




Tom Long

12022 #5 Denny Hulme M8A McLaren...due mid April

12022 #5 Denny Hulme M8A McLaren...
due mid April

8025 '68 Black Pro Street Chevy Nova...due in late March

8025 '68 Black Pro Street Chevy Nova...
due in late March

12004 #3 John Surtees Lola, '66 Can Am Champ...due in early March

12004 #3 John Surtees Lola, '66 Can Am Champ...due in early March


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