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Danbury Mint 1950 Divco Model 13 Borden's Milk Delivery Truck


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1. George Wise  10/15/01

This model without a doubt is the most detailed model in my collection. I remember these when I was a child in the 60's. I just had to have a replica when I saw an advertisement in the Toy Trucker and Contractor Magazine (1998). It is the best bang for the buck in my opinion.

The only complaint is that you have to be careful, it is a very delicate piece. Handle with care. Best displayed under glass or plastic with "Do Not Touch" signs. If I have to handle mine, I use an old sock as a glove.

As far as detail, it doesn't get any better than this. I give Danbury Mint a 10 (on a 1-10 scale). I don't think any other manufacturer comes close for the value and craftsmanship.

2. Richard Sufficool  9/13/08

OK.... it's not a prewar classic. You can't get much more pedestrian than this 1950 Divco milk truck. It's a nostalgia trip for baby boomers like me and it's a really well done model by DM. It's got a lot of neat features and enough cases of milk to start your own dairy. One thing that really impresses is the amount of operating panels including the accordian doors that just operate flawlessly on nicely scaled hinges. The hood butterflies with autolocking supports that provide just enough resistance to keep the panels open and yet allow easy closure.
Details abound from the little wired and plumbed 4-banger to the legible gauges and the driver's seat that both folds and svivels. What really makes this model a standout is the gorgeous three tone paintjob and the classic Borden's Dairy livery featuring Elsie the Cow. It's a fun piece but a serious piece of diecast modeling.

3. Tom Pine  11/20/02

Talk about nostalgia!  When I look at this beauty I'm a kid again, listening to the clink of milk bottles on a cold winter morning.  DM's produced another fine image replete with the finest details.  Though this Divco truck's a '50, it has hood styling cues from a '30s Airflow.  Both hood sides swing up to reveal the sturdy little 4-banger beneath.  Bi-fold sliding side doors, a folding, swing-away seat, interior 'fridge box (for butter, cheese and such) and 22 miniature milk cartons with bottles make this an outstanding image.  I especially like the fact that the wipers and side mirrors are made of flexible plastic to avoid breakage.  Nice touch.  I gave it 4 stars only because it's a truck and not for everyone - otherwise it's a 5-star image.  If nostalgia's where you're at, this one's a no-brainer!

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