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AutoArt Lotus Esprit Turbo- James Bond 007- For Your Eyes Only


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1. luis guillermo sanchez de la ree  5/24/04

I just received my lotus, and I will like to say you have to buy it if you are 007 fan, auto art did it again this model is awesome

2. Hendrik D.  6/7/04

What a great model this is! If you are a Bond fan, like me, you must adore this Lotus! Just look at the wheels, skis, and overall finish of this model. It's just great! This version is becoming quite rare by now, so if you see one, grab it. Another possibility is to go for the "unofficial" Bond car (in white). It also starred in the same movie, but AutoArt did not give it the Bond Box.

3. Daron & Sharon Woodward  2/10/03

AUTOart just contines to dominate the JAMES BOND pond with this car.  The two-tone, wire-spoke wheels are just like the real thing.  The colour is as seen in the film, a rich bronze. But it is the little things that place AA high above so many others...typically the fact that the fuel-cap is a seperate casting.  This is just naming one factor but there are many other 'tweaks' that make them stand out from the rest.  Considering the small amount of screen time this car actually has, and the lack of weaponry that went with it, AA have done it proud. In 30 years time you will still be proud to pull this one off the shelf to show the grandchildren. BUY, BUY, BUY......NOW!

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