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Anson 1931 Peerless Seven Passenger Limousine


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1. Pete Hagenbuch  8/24/01

This model reinforces Anson's new measuring approach. It really is 1/18 scale. I would not call it pretty but it's gawdy paint job is apparently realistic. And it sure is different! If you read Toy Cars & Models, you know it's background. I can't cover that in my miserly 1000 characters. Suffice it to say the model is neatly detailed and painted. One look under the hood is enough. But before you complain, remember what you paid for it.

2. Art Robertson  12/5/01

Another excellent value from Anson.  This model has the most detailed two tone paint job I've seen, and all other details, like emergency brake, bumbers, grille, headlights and door handles are very accurately done.  Displays with my best, and does Anson Proud.  At $25, you can feel good about owning this one.

3. John Richards  10/9/07

Anson’s best replicas were, sadly, among its last, released in a promising series dubbed the “Prestige Edition.” These models belatedly enabled Anson to bolster its image with careful attention paid to scale and proportions, excellent fit and finish, and a good ration of well executed, meaningful detail. Though carpeting and meticulously detailed engines were never part of the plan, the finished results were uniformly beautiful display pieces. Most importantly, the subjects chosen were often unique, distinguished classics with interesting pedigrees. This is certainly one of them. The Cleveland-based Peerless, founded in 1900, once had a reputation as one of the premiere American automobile manufacturers. In its heyday, quality was unsurpassed and racing records were even established. After a time, quality began to suffer somewhat, but a valiant attempt by Frank Hershey to rejuvenate the car’s reputation came to naught. The company ended its auto-production days in the early throes of the Depression eventually closing its doors as, of all things, a brewery! The car here is a one-off 1931 7-passenger limousine once owned and restored by Ele Chesney of Elizabeth, NJ, a dynamic businesswoman with a passion for cars, and used by her for many years as her daily driver! It’s now enshrined in the Crawford Automotive Museum in Cleveland. Anson did a superb job on this big, imposing car, with top-flight fit and finish (the tight shut lines of all four doors, with their rounded bottom edges, is especially impressive) and nearly flawless rendering of the highly intricate two-tone paint job. For purists, the actual (1:1) car is a silver/gray with maroon trim (which Anson did produce); on my version, the main body color is cream…still quite striking. There’s no denying this would be a standout in any collection of classic cars.

4. Jack Wells  2/27/08

I recently purchased this car, and, I just had to say that it is a true beauty!

The beige with red trim body is a splendid combination. The black on the roof of this car is also a nice touch of contrast.

It's a nicely done model, just don't expect Franklin Mint or even Signature Models quality, and you will be quite happy with it.

This car represents one of the three famous "P's" of the 20's, 30's, 40's, and 50's.. Packard, Peerless, and Pierce Arrow.

Peerless ceased production in 1931; Pierce Arrow, in 1938 ... and, finally, Packard, in 1958.

This 1:18 replica of a 1931 Peerless is a fine way to remember the quality and beauty of the Peerless automobile.

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