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Danbury Mint 1949 Oldsmobile 88 Station Wagon


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1. Benjamin Lampson  6/26/10

Wow, get this one while you still can.

2. Miles Germain  8/7/09

Not to reiterate what has already been said, but this Oldsmobile is a very well done model. Paint is smooth and glossy with zero defects, etched metal badges are amazing. I don't know how they spell out Oldsmobile on the hood, with each letter perfectly lined up. The wood trim is very convincing. It looks great next to the green Coupe. Another masterpiece from the Danbury Mint.

3. Ralph Bluemke  11/2/09

It took three returns before I got a perfect one without a crooked hood emblem but it was worth the wait.  Who else but DM would make a '49 GM station wagon with just that minimal wood treatment?  And it's an OLDSMOBILE!  A gem, just like all the other Danbury Woodys.  An absolute MUST for Woody lovers, Olds fanatics or ANY Diecast collector worthy of the name.

4. Ralph Bluemke  11/3/09

P.S.  I LOVE the nifty, unique detail of no RADIO!  Who else but DM would come up with something like that?

5. George Schire  6/27/10

By my own admission I'm not a fan of station wagons...but, DM continues to release oustanding repica's of some of the best wagons offered of our bygone era.  

This Olds Woody is HOT!  Simply stunning in black, and the interior is inviting.  The wide-white wall tires with the red rims and small hub-caps is strikingly beautiful.  

And it's an Olds!  Put all of this together and you've got a car that is just a must for any 1.24 collection.  Don't procrastinate, 'cause you'll miss out on this one if you don't order NOW!  

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