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Danbury Mint 1:24 1933 Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow (Operating Trunk) (Discontinued)

Reviewed by:   Tom Pine
  Danbury Mint 1:24 1933 Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow (Operating Trunk) (Discontinued) diecast car

Designed and built (five were made) for the Chicago World's Fair, the 1933 Silver Arrow could just as likely have been shown in the Cadillac display. Its plans, having originated in the General Motor's Art & Colour Section, went with stylist Phil Wright to Pierce-Arrow (then owned by Studebaker) when VP Roy Faulkner hired him. The controversial Silver Arrow pioneered ideas that would become industry standards-recessed door handles, integrated headlights and fenders, concealed spare tires, and fastback body styling.

DM's 1:24 die cast version of this concept car ranks among the most unusual looking models ever produced. An early DM effort, it lacks most of today's bonus features. Nevertheless, it does have the nifty swing-out door in the right front fender to expose the spare tire. The silver paint job is average and a little dull. Interior detailing is adequate, but with hard plastic seats and no carpeting. Undercarriage detailing is up to par. The trunk and rear doors don't open (early prototype trunks opened but were not sold to the general public), and there is no rear window (if you could call that tiny no-visibility slit a window).

Next to the 1934 Pierce arrow, the 1933 car looks like it's from another decade. Though not a feature-rich model, DM's (now discontinued) Silver Arrow is a prime acquisition for the collector of the unusual-if you can find one. {The operating trunk present on this model is a rare commodity. Exact numbers are unknown, but the vast majority of the Silver Arrows were produced with sealed trunks. It is possible that those which do exist were produced as prototypes during the design process. They were never offered for sale to the general public.}

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