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Franklin Mint 1:10 Harley-Davidson VRSCA V-Rod

Reviewed by:   Tony F Perrone
  Franklin Mint 1:10  Harley-Davidson VRSCA V-Rod diecast car

No wonder they love this model. Just a little bit unusual, I received a few requests to review this particular FM one-tenth scale bike. They came after I posted a few reviews and photos of their more current line of motorcycles. I’ve had the privilege of reviewing several Franklin Mint Harley-Davidson diecasts including the awe-inspiring 1:5th Softail and it apparently sparked some interest in this V-Rod and my ‘take’ on its construction. Ok, so I decided to look into what makes this little jewel tick and why they asked about it. In its most simplistic form, I’d venture to guess that it is art following life. TFM’s motorcycle model-art very closely follows the popularity of H-D’s 1:1 VRSCA V-Rod in a perfect scale replication. Their completed canvas is as pure and true to life as scale will allow them to mimic.

For a mere fraction of the cost of the full scale bike, FM has engineered a working scale presentation of the V-Rod that could easily be envisioned as part of an exhibit at a miniature museum and every bit as worthy of a substantial admission charge. Yeah, it’s that good. FM has a fit and finish quality-control criteria on these bikes like no other. The silver paint is shiny, smooth and evenly applied. The, “Harley-Davidson” logo script, in red accent, is sharp and clear. The black seats, foot pegs, belt drive cover, oil tank and tires are about the only components to contrast the gem-like precious metal color that discerns this V-Rod from many other Harley paint schemes.

FM’s build includes the usual functional suspension that I have come to expect and love. This one is no-nonsense in its approach and realization. The front fork’s twin internal springs have a good deal of travel inherent in them. Hold a thumb on the bottom of the tire and a middle finger on the speedo and do your thing. In back, the springed shocks are totally functional and realistic. The whole sub-assembly works like the genuine article moving as one unit. Of course the handle bars pivot back and forth and the wheels turn fluidly within the brake calipers. The belt drive works and the kickstand flips down. Both driver and buddy- pegs fold out and back and the rear brake pedal and gearshift lever are operational.

TFM’s take on the speedometer detail, plastic lights, turn signals and brake light is exceptionally done and the detailing of brake rotors; two up front and a single behind, is exquisite, and all wiring, brake cabling and fluid line replication is remarkably well conceived and carried out. I’ve yet to see, up close and personal, a better scale bike maker than TFM. Each time I hold and examine a Franklin Mint motorcycle, I come away more in awe than the last one I’ve seen. It keeps me in a state of excitement for their next scale bike fabrication. FM; WELL done!

  Franklin Mint 1:10  Harley-Davidson VRSCA V-Rod diecast car

Franklin Mint 1:10  Harley-Davidson VRSCA V-Rod diecast car

Franklin Mint 1:10  Harley-Davidson VRSCA V-Rod diecast car

Franklin Mint 1:10  Harley-Davidson VRSCA V-Rod diecast car

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