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Ertl 1:18 1969 Triumph TR-6 Convertible

Reviewed by:   Bill Weaver
  Ertl 1:18 1969 Triumph TR-6 Convertible diecast car

Seigfrield Brittman started building Triumph automobiles in 1921, and the engineering and racing skills of Donald Healey (later of Austin Healey fame) helped increase their popularity in the 30's. After WWII, Triumph was bought by Standard Motor Company who continued to produce automobiles under the Triumph name, and had good success with their TR series in the racing circuits during the 50's and 60's. The TR6 was the best-selling of Triumph's TR line up to that point, with nearly 100,000 sold by 1976. The TR6 was redesigned from the TR5 by the Karmann group of West Germany (known for their work with VW & Porsche). The styling was more angular than the typical sports cars of that time, particularly in the rear. Triumph would push the boundaries of sports car fashion even more with the TR7, which debuted in 1975. Because of the radical styling of the TR7, many enthusiasts consider the TR6 the last true Triumph. In any case, the TR6 was unquestionably a popular and competent roadster that was affordably priced.

Ertl's TR6 (actually a 1974 version) is a fair effort. They have captured the look of the car. The paint is a little rough in spots, and the windshield frame and front chrome grille are a bit cheesy. But the chrome accents are well done. There are separate pieces for side reflectors, windshield wipers and gas cap. The wheels have a somewhat plastic look, but the red "TR6" in the middle is a nice touch. Bonnet and doors open, and the wheels steer. Undercarriage is fairly detailed and accurate. So is the engine - although lacking any wiring or fine detail, it shows the three fuel injectors on this UK version of the TR6. And it actually has some components painted on the walls of the engine compartment - an unusual process for a diecast.

The weakest point of this model is the absence of an opening boot - always a bad choice on the part of the diecast manufacturers. The second weak point is the diecast dogleg door hinges, which are visible beneath the dash. Apart from that, the interior is fairly good. The upholstery is hard plastic but with a realistic texture and look. The plastic-wood dash is somewhat striking with black dials, and the steering wheel has silver accents. Window and door levers are chrome. The shifter and brake handle are simply molded in to the floorboard, and pedals are almost nonexistent. However, the end effect of the interior and the replica in general is pretty good for an inexpensive model. It's worth 3 stars in my book. And like so many of these inexpensive models in my collection, I'm just grateful to have a replica of this automobile available in any quality!

  Ertl 1:18 1969 Triumph TR-6 Convertible diecast car

Ertl 1:18 1969 Triumph TR-6 Convertible diecast car

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