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GMP 1:6 60's Chrysler Hemi Blown 392 Engine

Reviewed by:   Bill Bennett
  GMP 1:6 60's Chrysler Hemi Blown 392 Engine diecast car

Chryslers win, Olds suck! Or so “TV Tommy” Ivo would taunt Ken Safford, Don Gaide, & Don Ratican, the members of the famous “Sour Sisters” Top Fuel Dragster (AA/FD) team. Although the “Sour Sisters” had “The World’s Fastest & Quickest Olds-Powered Dragster”, they were running at a disadvantage toward the middle of the ‘60’s as the Chrysler Hemi-powered dragsters consistently powered around the lesser Olds, Buick, Chevy, and Pontiac powered cars. For a window of time in the mid-late 60’s, the Chrysler 392” Hemi was the engine of choice for dragster teams wanting to win Top Fuel and Top Eliminator. This also carried over to the Altered Coupe and Roadsters and the Supercharged Gas Coupe classes. The Chrysler Hemi was definitely “King”!

The “Chrysler Fire Power” engine was first introduced in the 1951 Chrysler 300C, but it wasn’t until 1957-58 that the engine was opened up to 392 cu. in. This engine, equipped with dual four barrel carburetors took the factory horsepower rating up to 390. The engine was nicknamed the “Hemi” because of the unique hemispherical shape of the big cylinder heads allowing for “flow through” breathing, substantially increased valve diameter, and more surface area of the fuel charge at the point of ignition. Although the heads were big and heavy, they were more than compensated for by their potential for increased horsepower.

GMP has produced their 1:6 model of the Chrysler 392” Hemi as it would have been seen in a Fuel or Gas Dragster or Altered of the early ‘60’s. The engine is equipped with a GMC 6-71 blower, Hilborn four-port injector and scoop, Vertex Magneto, cast aluminum valve covers and “Zoomie” headers. In this configuration, it would have probably run an 8:1 or 9:1 compression ratio with the blower over-driven to produce 15-18 psi boost. With a cam and valve train by Iskenderian, Engle, or one of the other good manufacturers, this engine would have produced about 1000 – 1100 horsepower at 8500 – 9500 rpm on a mixture of nitromethane and alcohol.

GMP’s model of the famous Hemi is a real beauty! It’s a direct copy of an engine Tom Long owns and its accuracy is breath-taking! It’s heavy and it sits on a base with a plastic cover to protect it from fingerprints and dust. All the main components are diecast and held together with very strong miniature magnets so that you can take it apart for examination. The valve covers are chrome-plated plastic covering the beautiful rocker arms, rocker arm shafts and valve springs. When you take the heads off, you’ll see the brass head and manifold gaskets. You’ll also see the pistons sitting in their individual bores. When you move the throttle linkage, the butterflies in the injector open and close. The cast aluminum timing chain cover and fuel pump assembly is also beautifully rendered and the blower drive belt (Gilmer timing belt) has the “Weiand” logo on it for additional realism.

Although it might seem a little pricey compared with some of the other 1:6 scale engines on the market, it’s well worth it! When compared side-by-side, the competition doesn’t even hold a candle to the quality and detail found in this beautiful engine. And GMP’s base, stand and cover are an added bonus that underscores the quality that this engine represents. If you are a fan of the mechanical side of your four-wheel obsession, or love immersing yourself in the history of drag racing, this is a must-have! You’ll be glad you did! Thanks, GMP, for creating this model engine that takes us back to those years when the drag racers raced just for the love of the sport!

  GMP 1:6 60's Chrysler Hemi Blown 392 Engine diecast car

GMP 1:6 60's Chrysler Hemi Blown 392 Engine diecast car

GMP 1:6 60's Chrysler Hemi Blown 392 Engine diecast car

GMP 1:6 60's Chrysler Hemi Blown 392 Engine diecast car

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