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Franklin Mint 1:24 1962 Volkswagen Microbus (Discontinued)

Reviewed by:   Tom Pine
  Franklin Mint 1:24 1962 Volkswagen Microbus (Discontinued) diecast car

What's shaped like a bread box, has as many windows as the United Nations building, holds lots of people and stuff, and is as economical to run as a lawnmower? Why, the Volkswagen Microbus-that's what. VW proved you didn't have to have a huge engine to move a vehicle capable of holding nine people. Who cared if it needed a stiff tailwind and a running start to get up a steep hill? It was roomy and inexpensive!

The Franklin Mint's die cast model of the 1962 VW Microbus is a genuine sleeper. It isn't sleek and sexy, nor does it sport a gorgeous paint color. It's - well, it's - different! It's an interesting 1:24 scale rendition of Volkswagen's groundbreaking predecessor of the mini-van. FM faithfully recreates the double-opening passenger side doors, as well as the rear hatches. It also includes nifty little details like the guardrail around the carpeted cargo area, the tiny air-cooled engine that powered the thing (more or less), sliding front door windows, and a middle passenger seat that tilts forward. The neatest feature, though, is the sliding cloth top-something the Citroen 2CV model could have had.

How about it, bunky? Are you daring enough to include this little oddball in your model collection? After all, VW was daring enough to actually put it on the road. The issue price is $135. (10/03/1998) This model was discontinued December 31, 2001.

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