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Franklin Mint 1:24 1955 Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria- Numbered LE of 9900

Reviewed by:   Tom Pine
  Franklin Mint 1:24 1955 Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria- Numbered LE of 9900 diecast car

The 1955 Ford Crown Victoria was produced in the middle of the ‘50s, before the baroque excesses that came later on. One of the nicest looking Fords ever made, it has clean lines and a solid stance. The rear fins are understated, continuing the straight, rearward flow of the bodyline. With its chrome “sweep spears” and raised “speed lines” framing the wheel openings, the overall appearance is sleek and purposeful. A 272 cubic inch V-8, making 182 bhp, backed up its looks – moving the 3, 300-pound 2-door along at a good clip.

I’m noticing a trend from FM. The LEs they do of some of their older images have been basically repaints but, overall, they just look sharper. Take the ‘35 Auburn, the ‘36 Bugatti, and the ‘39 Maybach for examples. The same goes for this ‘55 Ford Crown Vic LE. Though I’m not a fan of purple colored automobiles, this one in white over metallic purple is an eye-catcher indeed. Exterior-wise, everything’s spot-on. The covered spare tire of the continental kit swings to the side, just like the 1:1 accessory, so that the trunk can be opened – a nice touch. The chromed parts are pretty much done to exact scale, nicely accenting a generally well-proportioned image. The interior, however, is where the age of the image shows. The seats, done in soft plastic, look like, well… model seats – more like something in a $6.99 K*B item. The rim of the white steering wheel is overly thick as well. The door handles seem in proper scale but I’m unhappy with the way the doglegs intrude into the interior. The dashboard is the strongest feature of the interior, though “glass” bezels over the gauges would look much better. Since this is a hardtop, even with the clear green roof panel, the interior doesn’t detract too much from the overall look of the image. Fortunately, the undercarriage and under-hood details are on a par with more recent efforts.

Ford produced a true classic with the ‘55 Crown Vic. And FM improved on an older image with the LE version. All in all, not a bad way to go for a classic – or for the collector. The issue price is $135.

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