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21 items are listed for GMP 1:18 Scale
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       GMP | Scale 1:18 | Vintage Dirt

Year Make Model Color Code Date
Dirt Champ- USAC National Sprint Car Champ #10- Carter- LE of 750
White & Red GMP1800507 6/2007 O
Lodestar Caged Dirt Champ #98- Ltd Ed of 1000
White, Blue & Red GMP1800503 4/2005 O
Raceweld Caged Dirt Champ #31- Joey Saldana
Orange GMP1800505 6/2006 O
Thompson Caged Dirt Champ #3- Ltd Ed of 750
Red GMP1800504 9/2005 O
Vintage Dirt Champ #1 Johnny Lightning- Al Unser
Blue, Yellow & Red GMP7626 11/2001 D
Vintage Dirt Champ #1 Kaiser Aluminum- Rodger Ward
White GMP7621 10/1999 D
Vintage Dirt Champ #1 Sheraton Thompson RWB Offy-. Foyt- #LE of 2988
White, Red & Blue GMP7629 8/2002 D
Vintage Dirt Champ #1- George Snider- Ltd Ed of 1000
White & Red GMP1800506 10/2006 O
Vintage Dirt Champ #2 Sheraton Thompson 4 Cam Ford- AJ Foyt
Red GMP7622 12/1999 D
Vintage Dirt Champ #2 STP Offenhauser- Mario Andretti
Red GMP7624 12/2000 D
Vintage Dirt Champ #3 Vita Fresh- Joe Leonard
White & Red GMP7632 1/2004 O
Vintage Dirt Champ #5 Econo Car- Bob Marshman- Ltd Ed of
Blue GMP7625 5/2001 D
Vintage Dirt Champ #56 Sterling Plumbing- Jim Hurtibise
Red GMP7628 7/2002 D
Vintage Dirt Champ #98 Willard Battery- Parnelli Jones
White, Blue & Red GMP7623 6/2000 D
Vintage Dirt Champ Car #6 Dean Van Lines- Eddie Sachs
White GMP7627 6/2002 D
Vintage Dirt Champ Thermo King- Gary Bentenhausen
Blue GMP7631 2/2004 O
Vintage Dirt Champ Tire Set (8 tires)
  GMP9001 1/2001 D
Vintage Penske Caged Dirt Car #14 Sunoco- Bettenhausen- LE of 1250
Blue GMP7802 1/2005 O
Vintage Roll Caged Dirt Champ #2- Andretti-Ltd Ed of 1500
White & Red GMP7801 7/2004 O
Vntage Dirt Champ #98 Vukovich Rev 500
White & Blue GMP7630 2/2004 O
  Sheldon Kinser
Dirt Champ
Red GMP1800511 12/2010 C
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