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Posted by Michael Knab


COLLECTOR EVENT! This is undoubtedly a one shot in a lifetime for a precision made Mustang 1 Concept replica.

Happy Birhtday to You! 2014 celebrates the 50th anniversary for Mustang. To celebrate, Ford licensed Automodello to replicate the concept car that got the wheels rolling. Called the Mustang 1, it's the big bang from which the iconic 1964 1/2 Mustang galloped.

In 1962, the newly appointed Ford chief Lee Iacocca commissioned a sports car to rock the Ford brand. His young engineers had in mind a svelte, mid-engine, 2-seater showcasing all the latest technology. This from the company whose meal ticket was the Ford Galaxie.

It took this team of Ford *hot rods* only 100 days to create their dream car. Enough time to create the car Dan Gurney ran around at Watkins Glen, and thrill the automotive press! It was European done Detroit style. Some California thrown in: elite custom car builder, Troutman & Barnes, created the hand-hammered aluminum body.

We have ready to ship three precision resin-cast versions: 1:24 Mustang 1 and 1:43 Mustang 1. We also have a Tribute editon of the 1:24 version - only 150 are made - with a COA hand-signed by Dan Gurney.

Expect these curb-side models hand painted in automotive quality paint; interior materials textured to accurate scale and highly detailed gauges. Raised chrome foil on emblems and lettering; chrome-plated bumpers and trim; rolling wheels.

You would expect beautifully executed models designed by Raffi Minasian. You'll want to pony up the investment because it's a fantastic replica of the first glimmer of the genius and drive that culminated in the Mustang mid-year 1964.

Mustang 1 Concept replica in both 1:24 and 1:43
Mustang 1 Concept replica in both 1:24 and 1:43

  Honor 50th anniversary of the Mustang
Honor 50th anniversary of the Mustang


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