Cash for Collections

Free service to help you get money for a large collection

To help Zone users monetize the value of their collections, we will put you in touch with our Top Dealer Network — a panel of independent dealers who buy and sell collections. **

** Network traders are independent of the Diecast Zone. No endorsement is implied; no liability accepted by the owners of the Diecast Zone.

Set Expectations

The way to realize the highest value for your collection is for you to sell the items individually. Like on our Zone Auctions. You can get an idea of each individual item by consulting our Price Guide.

Our *Cash for Collections* service is one answer to “how can I get a lump sum for this list of items”.

Reality Check: The following gives a guideline for the level of compensation you might expect for selling an entire collection in one transaction. Collectors are sometimes surprised their collections are not appraised at a higher value. The models sold individually may indeed fetch a higher total price. But that requires the time investment in selling models individually.

Here are two examples of a *Cash for Collections* transaction:

Providence, RI Collection

Size of collection Total Retail Value Check Offered Discount Dealer Discount
50 models $6,520 $1,500 $4,750 76%

Austin, TX Collection

Size of collection Total Retail Value Check Offered Discount Dealer Discount
200 models $27,000 $9,450 $17,550 65%

Dealers in our Network carefully review the list of items in your collection. They may offer you a check for the entire collection or a substantial portion. Their offer will be based on the actual wholesale value of your collection, as the dealer intends to make a modest profit on the subsequent sale of your models. This will be a highly informed offer based on the prevailing market value of your models.

The dealers are willing to assume risk of paying you for your collection now, hoping to recoup that investment when they sell the items individually. That may take months or years. They assume the risk some items may never sell.

Engage Network

To get the process going, send us the following confidential form:

First Name:
Last Name:
Preferred Email Address:
Your Location:
Size of Collection:
 Note: approximate number and scale
Do you have a list of items in digital spreadsheet? Yes No
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This information will be shared with our Top Dealer Network to see what role a dealer might play in turning your collection into cash. This can mean a panel trader offers you a check for the entire collection and will arrange to have it removed to his location.

When you are ready to liquidate a collection, please consider the Zone *Cash for Collections* Program as your next step.