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You want to contact us for a reason, and we're happy to help. But first, please find the topic you want to contact us about. Read our statements which may adequately address your question or issue. If not, then we tell you who to contact.

Purchasing a Model  

"I want to know how to purchase a specific model."

Note: Our comprehensive Car List is intended to list models that have been issued, whether or not they are currently available. Therefore a model can appear on the list and not be available for sale. Our Car Lists serve as checklists for collectors, so we try to show as many brands as possible, even though we do not carry all of these in our store.

If our official online store, Legacy Motors, stocks a particular model, it will say so when you click on the model's name in the list. Look at the top of the page - where it says "Purchase Here". If we do stock the car, you will be able to purchase it right from the page that appears. If you donít see "Purchase Here" or a product bar that lets you Order, then Legacy Motors does not offer that model. Any model that is for sale or reservation will offer you a product bar. If you donít see a product bar, the model is not available through us.Ē

Auction Questions & Issues  

Examples: "Why wasn't my higher bid accepted?" "How does the rating system work?"

First, please look in the special Auction FAQs. If the answer isn't there...

Contact John Kuvakas, auctioneer

Forum Questions & Issues  

Examples: "How do I post a picture?" "What is not accepted on the Forums?"

First, please look over the many descriptions hyperlinked from the main page to see if your topic is addressed. Otherwise, please contact…


Technical Problems  
  For technical problems, we always need the following information:
  • Your operating system (Windows 2000, Windows XP, Mac OSX, Mac Classic, WebTV etc.)
  • Your browser (IE, Netscape - include the version)
  • Specific explanation of what you were trying to do
  • Specific explanation of what went wrong

Email us with this information at tech@diecast.org.

All Other Questions & Issues  

First, please look at our FAQs to see if we have not already addressed your question.

If you can't find helpful information there or at the resources listed above, you may contact

John Kuvakas at john@NOSPAMdiecast.org

Be sure to remove the phrase "NOSPAM" from the email address. It is inserted in the real address to frustrate automated spammers.


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