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With Associate Game Master Rich Sufficool

Objective: Whoever cracks the combination to the Legacy Motors vault will use that information to enter the vault and choose a treasure that is stored there. Whichever treasure is there for him to select, he wins for free. We guarantee the treasure is valuable. In fact, one item alone sells for over $200!

Whoever gets the combination first, gets his choice of the loot. Others will get what’s left. For example, if there are 3 prizes in the vault, the first 3 winners take their choice in order.

How to Break the Combination

You break the combination by having the right letter characters in the right position. You figure out the letter characters by correctly answering the questions Associate Game Master Rich Sufficool poses below. He will tell you where the clue is in the answer, but your job is to get the question right.

The combination is between 6 to 10 characters in length. You will know how many characters are in the combination when there are no more clues. As long as we give clues, there are more characters. New clue questions will be provided here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 2:30 and 3:00 pm Central Time.

When you’re ready to try your combination, type it in the form to the left and press enter. If you go to the treasure webpage, you’ll know you were right. If you get anything else, you’ll know you weren’t right. If the combination doesn’t work, you may want to reconsider your answers.

Remember, it’s worth it!

All prizes are donated by Legacy Motors, the official diecast car model store of the Diecast Zone.


#1. This movie car began life as a (year, make, model).
Save the 6th character.

#2. Name a rock group named for a defunct auto marque. (2 words)
Save the 5th character.

#3. Chrysler's Pentastar symbol was introduced in what year?
Save the 4th character.

#4. The Chrysler 300F shared the same optional 4-speed transmission found in what French automobile?
Save the 6th character.

#5. This car was was named after a Walt Disney creation (make, model).
Save the 5th character.

#6. This name given to a regional high performance Mustang package reflected the extreme weather conditions around Kansas City.
Save the 2nd character.

#7. Name the only 4 door sedan to be honored as an Indy pace car (make, model).
Save the 7th character.

#8. In an early example of what is now called "product placement" in Hollywood, W. C. Fields wrote what make of car in nearly all of his scripts?
Save the 2nd character.