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Here are articles contributed by our featured authors. They're writers who are terrific collectors, and collectors who are terrific writers. New articles appear regularly, so BOOKMARK this page.

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Dana Johnson

Dana Johnson
Publisher, Toy Car Collector Magazine

 George Bojaciuk

George Bojaciuk
Legendary Designer of Precision Diecast Cars

Toy Car Price Guides (1/23/2003)

Shooting Your Toys: A Photography Primer For Collectors (1/30/2002)



Rear Exhaust Fix to GMP'S '72 GTO (7/23/2002)

Cheap Diecast ...and What to Do with Them! (7/8/2002)

Diecast Hygiene (4/10/2002)


Paul Hettick

Paul Hettick
Body Shop for Little Cars

 Myron Ervin

Myron Ervin
Tips from Myron's Garage

Painting a Diecast Car (4/17/2002)



Helpful Tips from Our Forums (3/18/2004)



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