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Comment for Cheap Diecast ...and What to Do with Them! by George Bojaciuk

Chevelle SS 396

Bob Werner (10/9/2010 7:43:43 AM)

You are certainly correct about these models being wonderful for experimentation and detailing.  Maisto's Chevelle SS 396 comes to life with window trim, raised-lettered tires, and adding color touches to the engine compartment and interior. I'll now try my hand at improving the Shinoda Boss Mustang even though replacement wheels could be a challenge as the parts bin is running low on sharp=looking wheels.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about these budget models and what possibilities are in store for the collector with a little basic creative imagination.

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5 Comment(s) Posted:

Chevelle SS 396     Bob Werner   (10/09/10)

Cheap Diecast need a home too!!     Chuck Rice   (11/17/04)

Cheap name plates     melvin perkins   (07/19/04)

Name Plates     melvin perkins   (07/19/04)

Nice cars George.....     Ronald W Jones   (05/18/03)



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