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1:43 Diecast Scale Model Hall of Fame

Jack Odell

John (Jack) William Odell is being honored for his many contributions to the 1:43 scale car model industry. We had hoped that Jack Odell would be our sole living member of our 1:43rd scale Hall of Fame but, sadly, he passed away in July 2007 at the age of 87. In 1947 Jack joined a small diecasting company in London. The company was Lesney. Their first bestseller was a detailed model of the coach used for Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation in 1953. That success made them realize the potential for toy vehicles and the Matchbox 1-75 range was born. In 1956 the Models of Yesterday line was launched. Odell retired, a wealthy man, in 1973, but returned in 1980. Even Odell could not save the company and it was sold in 1982. Odell still could not stay away and in 1983 launched Lledo with a range of diecast vehicles called Days Gone. These were followed by a line of 1:43rd’s called Vanguards. Finally in 1996 he retired. For his many contributions to our hobby, we are pleased to welcome Jack Odell to our inaugural 1:43 Hall of Fame.


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