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1:43 Diecast Scale Model Hall of Fame
John Hall

John Hall

John was born near London, England and graduated from college with a degree in design engineering. In 1965, he and his wife Jenny decided to emigrate to Ontario, Canada. In 1973 they settled in a village outside of Toronto called Brooklin.

During the 1960’s John worked with Phillips in Toronto and Chrysler in Detroit. During this career he acquired experience in casting techniques and die-casting. In 1969 John left industry and took a teaching position at Durham College in Oshawa, Ontario. John had been a collector of Dinky and Matchbox toys since 1960. His hobby led him to open an antique toy shop called Toys of Yesteryear.

In 1974 John decided to leave his teaching position and begin making his own line of model cars. Jenny’s involvement was to aid her husband’s efforts by working fulltime while John stayed home to create his models. While other model manufacturers made safe cars to sell, John started with first a Pierce-Arrow and then a Tucker. In the following years, Model A Fords, Chrysler Airflows, and other seldom made car models were produced.

In 1979 John and Jenny and their children returned to England and settled their family and business in the historical city of Bath. There the business continued to grow and many more models of unusual and historically important cars were produced. In 1998 John Hall sold Brooklin Models Ltd. to a group of employees who he felt could successfully carry on what he had begun in 1974. John and his wife Jenny retired to Canada and subsequently to Australia where they could be close to their grandchildren.

The 1:43 hobby owes much to John Hall for leading the way in producing built-up models of many unusual cars and always at affordable prices. Brooklin Models continues to this day to show the way in the production of handbuilt white metal 1:43 models. Hobbyists are grateful to John Hall for all of his efforts and we are pleased to welcome him into our 1:43 Hall of Fame for 2009, Brooklin Model’s 35th anniversary.


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