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How Do I Add Photos to My Posts?  

You can add photos to your post by inserting some easy html comments into your posts. We show you how below. Please note only the body of your post and not the headline will accept the html commands.

Also, please bear in mind that our Guidelines prohibit the posting of anything that might be considered offensive by accepted social norms.

Step 1  
  Establish an account at a website for free photo hosting services.  


snapfish.com (http://www.snapfish.com/)

You can also search Yahoo! or other search engines for "free photo hosting" or "free web hosting"

Step 2  

You need a digital image of your subject stored on your hard drive.
That image can come from
a) your digital camera
b) a scanner if you have a non-digital photo or
c) a download from somewhere on the World Wide Web.
You then e-mail the digital photo as an attachment to your free account.
The free hosting site will give you explicit instructions, including uploading entire albums of photos.

The web hosting service will give you a "URL" that identifies where your images are.

Step 3  

Then, in your post on one of the Forums, insert this command into your message:

If it's a single image you want inserted:

<IMG SRC="url">
Rename "url" with the address of your image. Be sure to include the quote marks.

Make sure it's the url for the image, not the whole page. How do you get the url of just the image?

Put your cursor over the image, right click on your mouse and the drop down menu will include
"Copy Image Location". Copy that. Then paste that address into our photo input box. Note for Mac users: a right click = control + click.

Internet Explorer:
Right click on the image of your choice. The drop-down menu will have an item called "Properties". Left click on that. This will bring up another small window. Right click again, specifically on the URL shown, and you will get one choice in that menu....."Select All". Left click on that and it will highlight the URL of the image. Right click on the highlighted URL and select "Copy". Now paste the URL into your IMG tag as described above. Note for Mac users: a right click = control + click.

If it's an album you want people to look at, insert the following command:

<A HREF=url>Click Here</A>
Replace "url" with the address of your album. Be sure to include the quote marks.


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