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Posted By: Steven Williams
Posted On: Saturday March 24, 2012 at 8:41 AM
Jim, for me the Cord. I have seen both cars up close and personal. The
picture link doesn't do the car justice.
How about doing both as they are both worthy candidates?
BTW - Thank you for considering and producing these beauties.

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Message thread:

Automodello 3rd 2012 release: Packard or Cord by Jim Cowen #41933
2 Packards assuming they are $300.00 or less. The Cord doesn't do it for me. by David Hosea #41933.1
Packard for me. (EOM) by Dan Vincent #41933.2
Cord (EOM) by Ed Stutz #41933.3
I like the Packard as well, but I'm waiting for 60's non-musclecars to be done. I'm happy for the by Gene Mills #41933.4
Packard but by William Setchell #41933.5
Packard with the top. It can be removable but don’t omit it since it’s a key Dietrich component. (EOM) by John Bono #41933.6
Automodello Convertible Releases by Jim Cowen #41933.6.1
Jim thanks for the explanation. (EOM) by John Bono #41933.6.1.1
The Cord by John Rafert #41933.7
Jim, for me the Cord. I have seen both cars up close and personal. The by Steven Williams #41933.8
Packard. (EOM) by Brian Cox #41933.9
The Cord. (EOM) by Marshall Buck #41933.10
Cord (EOM) by Marlowe Johnson #41933.11
Cord.....Just for the Woodlites! + Three 34 Packards already in 1/24. by Dan Duma #41933.12
Packard, without question. (EOM) by James Oxley #41933.13
Cord is unique and amazing so gets my vote (EOM) by Jay Ryan #41933.14
Cord....there are plenty of Packards (not nearly enough) (EOM) by don mault #41933.15
The Cord would work for me :-) (EOM) by Joe Malaney #41933.16
Why these two? by Robert Jacobs #41933.17
Do you have an alternate suggestion... by Jim Cowen #41933.17.1
Jim... by Robert Jacobs #41933.17.1.1
These 2 follow by Jim Cowen #41933.17.2
Both - first the Cord, then the Packard (EOM) by Tim Hanneman #41933.18
the Cord for me.. (EOM) by Bill McElfresh #41933.19
Cord gets my vote...there are a number of packards but with the exception of the 1/16 DM Cord by David Angeloni #41933.20
Packard or Cord by jay walsh #41933.21
Cord - we have several Packards of that era (EOM) by Robert Hawley #41933.22
Cord, Cord and Cord. (EOM) by John Ryan #41933.23
Chicago voting by Jim Cowen #41933.23.1
The Cord would be my first choice - but would buy the Packard, too (EOM) by Reinhard Schultz #41933.24
I would like Cord, because design and combo color is beautiful (EOM) by Kaan Burak KAVAK #41933.25
The 1930 Cord Speedster without a doubt. (EOM) by Richard Ware #41933.26
Also an alternative choice, 1929 Cord Speedster by Richard Ware #41933.26.1

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