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Posted By: George Bojaciuk
Posted On: Thursday April 12, 2018 at 10:08 AM
One of my favorites, too!
This was patterned after a real car that belonged to a guy I worked with at S&W Race Cars. It was the late '70's and the PT guy, Steve, owned it! Still has it to this day!
John McBride worked on this and initially it had white walls. When he asked me to look it over, I gave him the options that came with the 455 H.O. Package and it was changed to reflect the correct rendition.
I loved doing these GTOs and the factory was quite enthused, as well! They catered to my every whim. The Hurst T-Handle even had the correct shift pattern tampo'd!
I worked closely with the engineers and carried over my skills from FM to make a very complex tooling package. We had all the versions '70 - '72 made, hdt and cv! When it came time to release a version, I could order the model like picking from a menu! In my stash, I still have a box of first shot parts to all the versions!
Aaron at GMP started the GTOs in 1:18th. I took what he did and refined and detailed them out. The end result was most satisfying.
You have no idea of what could have been!

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Message thread:

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