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Posted By: Christopher Novak
Posted On: Thursday April 12, 2018 at 12:16 PM
These all look great. a bit of wheel and tire history in the late sixties
Any of these tire and wheel mods are what was common in the days when Daytonas were new. in all cases Hemi cars were shipped with 15" wheels, and tires.

in 1969 (and build dates in later 1968) Chrysler shipped Good year and Firestone tires. the higher end tires were red lines, or black wall high performance tires.

The standard wheel choice in 15" was a steel wheel, with a cheap "dog dish" center cap. Hemi cars were expected to be used for sanctioned racing and plain wheels were used to fulfill the 15" requirement, and allow for less loss when wheels were replaced.

There were two 15" wheel covers as an option, and these were shipped to those who ordered them wanting a better appearance.
We all know that buyers for Hemi cars sometimes tended to use them on the street. So when they saw the steel rims, dog dish hubcaps, or hubcaps of any kind.
many opted for the 14" chrome road wheels, even though they were 14" wheels

Also, early in the 1969 build year, there was a special aluminum 15" road wheel offered. But it was found that the lug nuts on these wheels would work themselves loose and come off, so the wheels are now referred as "Recall wheels". and we're recalled and not sold after that.
As soon as 1970 approached, The tire companies started selling the "TV tires", the white letter tires, made famous by adding this big white names to sides of NASCAR racers for TV notice.

these were put on 1970 built Chrysler cars (as well as GM and Ford), and were regularly added to a 1969 or earlier muscle car to replace burned out bald redlines.

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