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Posted By: Bruce Gibbins
Posted On: Thursday May 17, 2018 at 5:42 AM
An ersatz 1941 Packard -
With now very few 1/24 scale models remaining available for me to collect that feature cars of the era I especially enjoy and relate to I spotted this model listed on ebay.

Packard come near to being my favorite auto makes. Although I have seen other 1941 Packard’s - a beautiful, but expensive 1/24 scale resin woody and Signature offer a Packard 110 in 1/18 – impressive no doubt, but neither, for various reasons help me out. Disappointingly, the Signature model is of a different scale to models I collect and the other - the resin S/W, too expensive for this old geezer to fund.

I do have the FM 1940 Packard Darren though, but I like big sedans much better.

So then came along a 1/24 scale model that is as close to darn it as it can be to the 1941 Packard I have been looking for.
The model is a ZIS 110 from 1946 and made in Russia released under the brand name of Hackett. No opening features meant I paid $USD35 with a further $USD20 to post to the US. I thought this to be an excellent buy and I’m very pleased to have it.

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Message thread:

An ersatz 1941 Packard - by Bruce Gibbins #53016
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