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Posted By: Raffi Minasian
Posted On: Sunday July 8, 2018 at 6:49 PM
My reflections on Jay Olins
Jay was a wonderful and kind person with exceptional intelligence and a great sense of humor. I first met Jay in the mid 1990s when he visited FM and met with me to discuss his plans for the D4C. Jay immediately displayed his passion for the scale model car world and earned my trust as a fellow enthusiast and later good friend.

Over the years we collectively worked on the D4C collectors car, evolving into the LECC Club cars. His innovative forum and website set the stage for online camaraderie and detailed discourse, often influencing internal model car company decisions on the brands and colors for model car release.

Jay was a super mathematician and thoughtful philosopher of all sorts of different things. Among his many (largely hidden) skills, he owned and operated his own loan factoring company, calculating risks on loans and finance packages. As far as I know, Jay lived comfortably most of his life in Los Angeles where we would meet occasionally when I visited Ca.

I will miss his wit, charm, and intelligent discourse. Our community will miss his contributions, but evidence of his efforts and passion will always remain in the friends and collectors who gather here.

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Could a copy of the real details obituary be provided. Searches bring up junk... by Michael K. Welborn, Jr. #53258.13
Just found out about Jay's passing in July by Roger Brunswick #53258.13.1
I did get to meet him once at a meeting at FM in Media, PA. Great guy. I was thinking of him by Mark Sweeney #53258.14
I didnt know Jay - but do recall (i thought) of his association with the Oldsmobile Club of America, by Ron Dietrich #53258.15
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To me, Jay was the face of the D4C. He's the one who really got me interested in die cast cars via by Frank Kocour #53258.17
Had the pleasure of having lunch with Jay a few years ago. CLASS ACT ALL THE WAY. He will be missed (EOM) by Tom Ciryak #53258.18
Really a shock... He came by the house to see my collection about a year ago and has always been a by William McElfresh #53258.19
My condolences to Jay’s family. Thanks for creating D4C, this site and your endless enthusiasm. (EOM) by Allan Ording #53258.20
I met Jay at the FM show in PA. He was a very nice guy. RIP (EOM) by Tim Kubiak #53258.21
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I just found about Jay's passing. I missed it on the post. It;s two months later, but this loss is by ALAN FRANK #53258.25

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