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Posted By: Randy Portwood
Posted On: Wednesday July 11, 2018 at 4:50 PM
On both versions...
the center grille is pushed in too far at the top on the majority of the models. It should be completely vertical. Not all models were affected. The rear stance is also too low. (A friend of mine removed the rear shocks on his model which helped.)

On the Ember Red version, the interior flooring and the flooring in the rear loading area should have been brown, not black. Flooring in the Edsel Villager and Roundup was black, but not in Bermuda. In the Bermuda, flooring was coordinated with the colour of the interior. Turquoise/white interior = turquoise flooring. Tri-tone blue interior = Royal Blue flooring. Tri-tone green interior = Spruce Green flooring. Coral/white interior = Sunset Coral flooring.

On the Horizon Blue version, the interior colours are mostly wrong. The upper dash and flooring should be Royal Blue, which is quite a bit darker than the shade DM used. What they used looks more like Ford engine blue. The metal trim would have been Royal Blue Metallic, though I realise DM probably could not have recreated that, so at a minimum the same colour as the other Royal Blue surfaces. The medium blue (Horizon Blue) used on the seats, doors/interior panels is accurate, but the white portions on the seats, doors/interior panels should have been Powder Blue (light blue).

I know I'm being nit-picky, but as someone who treasures the 1958 Edsel, I was hoping for accuracy. I will state, that many of us Edsel aficionados were thrilled when the Ember Red version was released. At the time, I was the newsletter editor for my local Edsel Club chapter and I featured the DM model heavily in one of the newsletters.

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