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Posted By: Dennis Mong
Posted On: Monday October 8, 2018 at 5:50 PM
OK .........
I saw the Mopar Monday thing ....

So I got to thinking ... ( It did hurt )

I was Suggesting / Promoting / Indicating Tesla Tuesday

Who would be our champion for a Tesla Tuesday .... (if there was ever to be such a day )

I know my mind is in some pretty strange places a lot of time

... er ... most of the time ...

( ok ) All the time


My name is Alice Kingsley

And I do know that today is Monday 10.08.18 at 5:30 PM Central Florida

Do you think I've gone "Round the Bend"?

I'm afraid so - you're mad - Bonkers - Off of your head!

But I will tell you a secret

All of the best people are.


"Every Day ... I think of six impossible things before breakfast!"

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