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Posted By: Phil Realmuto
Posted On: Sunday January 6, 2019 at 3:10 PM
Interesting thought on this diecast hobby aka “addiction” lol
Im sitting here looking at pictures that George has posted as proposals to be made in 1:24 had the Mints stayed in business. Honestly Id dare say that had the Mints made them I would have added 95% of the cars he chose! Why? I love almost anything with wheels and can appreciate the thought, creativity and work involved in engineering these cars. Heres the part that I wonder if Im alone in....... yes I would want them and add them to my diecast fleet, BUT to be honest there are only a handful of my current collection that Id want to own as 1:1s.

Say money was NOT an issue nor was room. Out of my approx 300 1:24 Models is dare say Id only have perhaps 10% as 1:1s. Many cars interest me as models but not as 1:1s. Case in point 57 Mercury TP Cruiser, Checker Cab, Lincoln Premieres, Edsel, Corvettes ( though Id love to own a 67 Stingray 😍). 57 Chevy , no. VW Bus, No, etc. but I LOVE and Adore them as models. Now I WOULD own 1:1 Cadillac V16s, Bugatti, Horch, Gullwing Mercedes, 65 Riviera, ANY Duesenberg, Packard, Hell yea, GTO sure, etc . Am I alone here? Or do you guys have interest in most your 1:24 as wishing or wanting to own a 1:1?

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Message thread:

Interesting thought on this diecast hobby aka “addiction” lol by Phil Realmuto #53889
The models I have that I would love to own as 1:1s..... by Richard Sufficool #53889.1
Richard, unless you plan to use it as a daily driver, those oldies aren't that hard to keep running. (EOM) by Barry Levittan #53889.1.1
Any of those "affordable" cars that I've lusted after.... by Richard Sufficool #53889.1.1.1
Phil, I can't quote percentages but, like you, the vast majority of my models by Bob Jackman #53889.1.2
Good question Phil. I can be honest and say that most of the cars I have, want, and love as 1:24 by George Schire #53889.1.2.1
*** Well ... That's a good question *** by Dennis Mong #53889.2
With the exception of the Harleys, I bet our 1:1 tastes are very similar. by Robert Bolin #53889.2.1
That's a tricky question Phil. Even if money / space was no object, the number of... by Billy Collins #53889.3
I like your answer Billy, and after thinking about, I think you and I are on the same page. by George Schire #53889.3.1
Some people are happy with just a single 1/1. Mine is a 39 Oldsmobile by Bruce Gibbins #53889.3.2
Where classics are concerned, a 40s Dodge Powerwagon with wood bed would do fine. by Robert Bolin #53889.3.2.1
Bruce, my 1:1 classic is my '69 Camaro. I guess you could say I'm content too... by Billy Collins #53889.3.2.2
I'm much of the same mindset. by Robert Bolin #53889.4
My collection has varied over the years as my interests changed. Saying that.... by Tom Ciryak #53889.5
Mid-engine Zora! Nice! (EOM) by Robert Bolin #53889.5.1
Cars are meant to be driven. I have one 1:1 toy and any more would be overwhelming. (EOM) by John Bono #53889.6
I have often thought about owning a classic 1:1, even came close to buying a '61 Impala by John Merritt #53889.7
Having owned two '62 Oldsmobile's (a Starfire and a Ninety-Eight) I'm content with NOT by George Schire #53889.7.1
*** George - You have a very good reason *** by Dennis Mong #53889.7.1.1
My sentiments exactly George, although sometimes I still have regrets. by Al Dorado #53889.7.1.2

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