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Posted By: Dennis Mong
Posted On: Sunday January 6, 2019 at 8:35 PM
*** Well ... That's a good question ***
After reading your post ... I put some cranial activity to your subject matter ....

My Die cast car purchases are cars / pickup trucks / motorcycles that grab my very short attention span

There are some diecast cars / trucks / motorcycles that I have owned in my younger years ... so they play an important part of my life history

As most folks here know ... Yes - I am a huge CORVETTE fan

Would I own them all


I have owned in real life ...

( 2 ) Corvettes

'58 Chevy Pick up

'65 Ford Country Squire Station wagon

'60's era Caddy

Various Harleys thu-out my years

We all know there are diecast cars that reflect my prior ownership

I have found my taste in cars varies from most here in the D4C ...

What most find heart throbbing - I find absolutely no interest in at all ...

And I'm certain beyond a shadow of a doubt, there those that have no filter when it comes to their verbal expounding of dislikes and or likes.

The bottom line ... for me ... is

I buy and collect what please me eyes ... the ones that wow my heart

I do not hunt

I do not watch football, baseball, basketball or hockey or soccer

But if it has a motor and goes fast ... then I got skin in the game

I wrench on my own cars because it is therapeutic for me

I truly love to turn wrenches and fixing things

Electrical residential and commercial applications and automotive mechanical

I like reading ... and auto motive history is on my top of the list .. and so naturally some cars in my collection reflect some of that automotive history

Would I own them all in 1:1 ..... ?


I can say .... with great conviction ...

If I want a particular diecast car in my collection ... I make that happen Capt'n!

If there something NOT in my collection ... there's a reason - I don't what it in my collection because there is no interest from me.

A person collection represents that particular person.

And that representation ... That is what makes this "addiction" so darn interesting.

We all must be thankful that we all do NOT have the exact same collection

A person collection represents that particular person.

Being raised ... "If you can NOt say anything nice - then do not say anything at all" ... I never diss anybody collection.

If I don't say anything ... well ... "Repeat sentence above"

After many many years of collection .... my list of remaining desires is very small.

My short list is exactly that ... very short

My lil die cast car collection suits me just fine.

I hope my reply is worthy to be applied to your question.

Continue the collection my brothers ...

Continue the collection.

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Message thread:

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