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Posted By: Hollis Cornell
Posted On: Saturday January 12, 2019 at 1:08 AM
PICs - Good old winter time...

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Message thread:

PICs - Good old winter time... by Hollis Cornell #53913
I have Christine but not this one . I also would like to add the Bullet Charger and Mustang by Phil Realmuto #53913.1
Dang, why didn't I buy this one when it came out. Beautiful. (EOM) by Mark Sweeney #53913.2
Simple .... bills Mortgage , single income etc. I could only buy what I felt were.. by Phil Realmuto #53913.2.1
Phil .... You taking my story line right out of the play book .... by Dennis Mong #53913.2.1.1
Ahh so you “get it” huh ? It was really tough as I was on the preview society too by Phil Realmuto #53913.
ROTFloor ... No I am not 4'9" ... Just a metafor for how short by Dennis Mong #53913.
Oh ok lolol though one never knows ! (EOM) by Phil Realmuto #53913.
Also a nice one, I passed on this too. (EOM) by John Merritt #53913.3
WHAT !!!! .... Wait - Wait ... You don't have this one - Why I thought you had them all? he he he by Dennis Mong #53913.3.1
Very hot car on a cold winter day! (EOM) by Tim Kubiak #53913.4
Nice pics, that's a pretty model. (EOM) by Evan Morgan #53913.5
+1. (EOM) by Billy Collins #53913.5.1
*** Hollis *** ... I prefer the Snow W / No tracks ... Cleaner Pix = GR8T Pix (EOM) by Dennis Mong #53913.6

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