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Posted By: Chav Popov
Posted On: Sunday March 10, 2019 at 3:51 PM
"Not mine" comes from the the different ...
understanding and grading of the paint rash by every collector. Very fine rash is even seen on the top of Tony's pictures.

I simply don't believe that my models are different than the models of the collectors who say that their cars have no paint rash. Probably 30 to 40% of my DM and FM models have some degree of fine rash that is polishable, occasionally there are models with higher bumps, and I have probably 10-15 models with disintegrating cancer. I do not believe that the fine paint rash, which affects the majority of the models, progresses to paint cancer. I think they are 2 separate entities.

This is what I call mild paint rash (see the picture below), look at your models, you are going to see it. What is interesting that if you have 2-3-4 copies of the same models, you will see it on the same surfaces and in similar patterns, which for me clearly indicates that the factory did not prepare correctly that surface for many models in the batch. Whether this is a residual oil from the molds of fingerprints I have no idea, but these surfaces were contaminated on many models in similar fashion.

Also, the paint rash micro bumps are raising from the metal not from the paint. When you aggressively polish them, the metal will eventually show underneath as the layer of paint is removed. George Boyaciuk recommends waxing the models to prevent the fine rash from happening. While I love my models, waxing all of them is a task I would never accomplish, in fact I haven't even waxed completely a single model. But I do maintain very strictly low humidity in my basement.

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