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Posted By: Bruce Gibbins
Posted On: Saturday April 13, 2019 at 11:46 PM
DM and FM models are not made to be taken apart
and any attempts to do so results in a fight to the death between man and model.

I have disassembled about 8 models now, some much easier than others. There are about another 10 still to disassemble - these are parts car.

Now, I am finding the job to be easier, but still fraught with frustration, but not as bad as it once was.
Pulling apart a small group of the same model means that repetition can make the job easier to find screws, but not any easier to remove some of them. Persistent attempts can easily damage the screw heads and slots. As you know, these are all Philips head so think of those when I say slots.

I've encountered screws with head slots that are a minutely different size to any of the screw drivers I have. They are often smaller in size - even a tiny bit can fail to turn the screw. Short handles do not allow enough strength to be brought to make a screw crack to start its first turn when the screw is stubborn. Sometimes screws can be frozen in place especially those that have been sold as "Barn finds".
With these problems in mind, I bought on eBay from China a set of long handled drivers thinking that Chinese screws could be easier to shift using Chinese screw drivers.
The sets I do have are no doubt made in China, Stanley as an example, but these are so short its difficult to grip these with sufficient strength to effect the start of a turn.

All the best to you in your model building - it is fun even with its ups and downs.

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