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Posted By: Geoff Jowett
Posted On: Saturday June 8, 2019 at 3:19 AM
A truly rare DM?

The sellers story of the model:

Ring’s End Lumber is a leading building supply and home improvement company operating out of Connecticut and Southern New York. Ring's End is headquartered in Darien, CT and only a short distance from Danbury Mint in Danbury, CT. Apparently, the management of both companies were acquainted. Ring's End was formed in 1902 and in 2002 was celebrating their 100th anniversary. I made contact with Ring's End Lumber Company to find out what I had and learned the following.

Ring's End already had a 1933 International A5 Stake Bed Delivery Parade Truck No. 181 (see picture 12 above) which happened to be the same make, year and model as the Danbury Mint 1/24 scale Budweiser Delivery Truck introduced in 1998. A deal was struck and DM provided the base trucks and the DM production facilities in China finished it to look identical to the Parade Truck, complete with the same truck number on the cowl, but with 100th Anniversary signage on the stake bed and different license plate. 300 copies were produced and distributed to VIPs and were offered for sale only in their 8 locations in the Northeast US. But they were never sold thru DM outlets.

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