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Posted By: John Peaslee
Posted On: Saturday October 5, 2019 at 9:09 PM
my choices
1969 Grand Prix SJ
1969 Buick Riviera GS
1957 Olds 98 4-door
1963 Thunderbird
1966 Thunderbird Town Landau
1965 Chevrolet Impala SS
2019 Mustang Bullitt Edition
2020 Corvette
1965 Cadillac deVille
1970 Chrysler 300 Hurst Edition

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Message thread:

Which ten cars do you wish DM would have done? by Dan Vincent #55182
* * * 1966 Olds Toronado * * * (EOM) by Dennis Mong #55182.1
An uncle had a 1:1. I never really warmed up to that car. Not sure why. (EOM) by Billy Collins #55182.1.1
my choices by John Peaslee #55182.2
Good choices!! John P. I’d buy most of those if offered in 1:24th (EOM) by Phil Realmuto #55182.2.1
Dan + John - some nice ideas. Here are a few of mine...... by Billy Collins #55182.3
My ten choices would have been: by Miles Germain #55182.3.1
my choices by John Peaslee #55182.4
My TOP TEN would be an all Oldsmobile list with the exception of three. Here's my list. by George Schire #55182.5
* * * I could go with a '63 Buick Riviera hardtop ... Good selection * * * (EOM) by Dennis Mong #55182.5.1
Oh... forgot about the '53 + '54 Olds....I'm IN for those '2'. (EOM) by Billy Collins #55182.5.2
PICs: My ten........ by John Bono #55182.6
I would swap the Lincoln for a 1963 Pontiac Grand Prix. Otherwise, PERFECT! (EOM) by Tim Kubiak #55182.6.1
The '65 Impala.... by Richard Sufficool #55182.6.2
Jada produce a diecast model in 1/24 of a 1947 Cadillac Convertible.. by Bruce Gibbins #55182.6.3
I've seen a '47 Cadillac CV, not sure who made it, but it appeared smaller than 1:24 scale. (EOM) by John Bono #55182.6.3.1
Duplicate! (EOM) by Bruce Gibbins #55182.
Here is my 'Jada 47 Cadillac. I've measured the model up and perhaps you can do the math, John. by Bruce Gibbins #55182.
Bruce, that's much too scientific for me. How does it look when placed next to a comparable 1:24? (EOM) by John Bono #55182.
I'm impressed. But, then again, I've got a few JADA 1:24s that were done pretty well...i.e.... by Billy Collins #55182.
Here's my ten. by John Merritt #55182.7
Olds, every year from 49-57 - plus 61 Catalina, id love to get my 70 Buick GS Stage I back too (EOM) by Ron Dietrich #55182.7.1
Collectors of 1/43 Scale are royaly served by Brooklin and I guess other builders by Bruce Gibbins #55182.7.2
In no particular order here’s mine.... by Phil Realmuto #55182.8
Mine are as follows: by Al Dorado #55182.9
Being an old geezer all of my choices are from the mid 1930's to by Bruce Gibbins #55182.10
Being I'm a young Whipper Snapper .... Very late '50 thru very early '70 (EOM) by Dennis Mong #55182.10.1

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