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Posted By: Bruce Gibbins
Posted On: Tuesday October 8, 2019 at 7:11 PM
Home market familiarity often means some things become so routine and so ingrained in a countries
culture they loose the force of their early impact. For many these brand names become just part of the scenery of every day life. They are the great names given by American auto makers to the vehicles they made and the models they produced. For many decades these brand names had for most part, world wide recognition and were exotic.
The names given to auto companies themselves, mainly their founders names, are well known.
Car buffs are also keen on historical aspects the auto industry as well

Paint colors however, not so much.
So here is one point of view that may give some perspective to this interesting topic.
Many colors are often given names because of their association with some place that evokes an image of something pleasant like a foreign tourist destination. Or perhaps something that is recognized in popular culture or is fashionable at the time
Following on from that is the paint color name used on this Corvette - Warbonnet.
To the marketing people this name may have been chosen because it sounded cool, which I think it does, but also it helps to encapsulate many of the reasons people buy and admire the Corvette so much.
The name has its origin, I believe, in the culture of the indigenous peoples of North America, primarily the Plains Indians. Think of the powerful movement of these warrior tribes and the speed in which they rode their horses into battle. It's more of what the name evokes. Think of these things and the name choice of paint color makes more sense.

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